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Dave Rose - Chestnut Mtn, Lyons Jr. High (my science teacher, let's hear it for his "weather movies") now at Vail


Pat Deibel - Director at Mt. Holly and Pine Knob in Michigan, taught me how to play full contact ping pong!


John Deibel - Mt. Holly - for the pure LOVE of the sport


Thom Halsey - Pine Knob - Thom was in my rookie class and it was always challenging to keep up with him.


Tom Savory - Chestnut Mtn.  - another for the pure LOVE of the sport.  I took Tom on his first trip, and I'm proud that he's learned so much and shared so much

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First actual ski resort instructor, some racer kid with a funny accent at Buck Hill when I was about 12, learned from friends in back hills before that. Don't recall the names of any ski club instructors I had through grade school either..


Bob Turgeon, Freestyle Team Coach, Buck Hill, MN, age 15-17, Late 1970s-early 1980s.  Bump skiing, absorbsion-extension,  and basic fore/aft alignment corrections.


Eric Bloomquist, Buck Hill Ski School Director, age 17-18, early to mid 1980s.  Learned better PSIA technique from his clinics while working for him.  Dabbled in beer league and NASTER racing.


Age 19-present I've been pretty much on my own using available text ski rags and more recently internet resources, and even more recently skiing with other Bears.

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Luke Kornbluh:  My friend who introduced me to skiing and has served as instructor and coach for the last 12 years.  He Worked at Heavenly in the Early 90's (tutored by Jimmy Ackerson and Mike Rogan), then later at Sierra-at-Tahoe, and Then with the Ernie Blake school at Taos.


Luke is Very good at teaching upper/ lower body separation and discipline.  A master with footwork, and owner of the best dynamic edge set this side of Glenn Plake. 


Ed Ralicki: My ski patrol director and once long-time regional head of Ski and Toboggan training.  Almost 70, he is a ripping skier who teaches from a pretty tough old school mold (but not necessarily old-school techniques) You either did it right or you didn't.  He helped me shed my skidding tendencies, got me carving, skiing bumps--Not to mention taught me how to really work a toboggan in moguls.   

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So many great people listed in this thread...I'm so amazed!
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Jim Hanson, at Montage mountain, now Sno mountain, in PA from 2004 through 2010.


I have been taught by many, but this man is most responsible for the type of instructor that I am today.


He currently resides in North Carolina and works part time at Sugar mountain ski resort.


Thanks Jim!

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These will be in order;

First my Dad, Douglass Gardner, Stowe, VT, First Master Teacher in PSIA-E (now retired). I don't think he ever taught me any skiing, but he got me involved and he has supported my career and he always listens and he has taught me to be a man.

Stu Campbell. I doubt I need to list his credentials, but he was my first mentor when I started teaching professionally and I will always remember him.

Jeb Boyd, Arc2Arc, PSIA National Team. Jeb, along with his brother Matt, but mostly Jeb, has done the most for my skiing over the years.

Terry Barbour, MRG. I knew and skied with Terry while he was a Stowe and have now been able to spend training sessions with him as a member of the PSIA-E Demo Team.

Dave Merriam, Stowe. No one makes me work harder.


Finally just outside my top 5 list are my supportive and knowledgable team members on the PSIA-E Demo Team that push and inspire me every time we ski together.

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1.  Ross Scott, formerly of All Mountain Ski Pros, Lake Tahoe area -- serious breakthrough instructor. brilliant, truly

2.  Rusty Guy, former(?) bear here on the forum,  Winter Park instructor -- patient, demanding, articulate and fun. bumps and tele too

3.  Karen Reader, Red Mt. BC -- great for pushing fear boundaries, practical, empathetic. good womens' expert instruction. tele too.

4.  Annie Black, PSIA clinic think she's normally at Keystone, but not sure -- fun, super energetic, driven, also pushes -- enough, but with kindness

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Jean Mayer             Taos Ski Valley


Weems                   Universe


Dadou Mayer           Taos Ski Valley


Deb Armstrong

Mike Shenkel

Alian Veth                Taos Ski Valley


Dan Ringeisen          Taos Ski Valley, for some how getting myself to listen to the genius type people and share what I learned with 32 years of guests. I be one lucky guy. Tanks

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If I have to limit it to 5...

In no particular order:


Tim Petrick

Stu Campbell

Bill Egan

JP Pascal

Harald Schoenhaar


During my early adult years, these guys all had a huge influence on developing my understanding of ski technique & how I teach. 


As far as learning how to ski I owe the most to my Mom & Dad!  There have been a ton more great ones I have encountered along the way, many unknowns & the list is too long to mention them all.  I do have to mentions my first SSD, Don Greb who taught me how to teach & was a descendent of Alf Engen.  I would have loved to have met Alf!  Along with Alf, I would have liked to have met Earl Miller.  I have spent a lot of time skiing with his son Dale & grandson Brady, these guys have the best coaching eyes of anyone I have ever met.




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Although I have only actually skied with one of these people, each has greatly affected the way I think about skiing and each is genuinely a giant within our sport.


Carol Levine

Horst Abraham

Joan Rostad

Bob Barnes

Weems Westfeldt

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Eric Sailor

Hans Metz

Chuck Painter

Paul Jones 

Per Bjornrollie


Learned a lot from each of these guys.  Most you have never heard of good does not equal famous.  They all directed me to better teaching and through that better skiing.  Have worked with more famous, but none better.  Thank you gentlemen. 

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Bob Barnes:

Amen to that!


My list, in no particular order: 

Bob Barnes

Squatty Schuller

Charlie MacArthur

Greg Felsch


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This goes back a long way and north of the border:

Hans Nishan - My first ski School Director - From the Austrian school of "If you yell it loud enough it will sink in"

Dave McPherson - the only other instructor who wanted to train as much as I did.

John Eves - Invaluable aerial training from one of the worlds best

Don Biledeau - One of the nicest examiners in the CSIA

Martin Jean - Another great examiner in the CSIA
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