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here is my best advice

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If you ever want to be an expert skier you have to completelty filter out the fear. Fear makes you tense. That makes you fall and hurt yourself. And take risks. You need to go over your limits to learn how to ski. BUt dont go too far over your limits. Also take lessons at a mountain. You will be surprised at how much they help. You want to ski with good technique and an intructor can help with that. I am not saying people should bomb down mountains nearly killing all in there path. You should just go on a tough trail that will really push your limits. And practice everything. Oh ya dont get frustrated either because that never helps.
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Fear can be a good thing, tho, like fire it can keep you warm or it can burn you.

There is a difference between being afraid to do or ski something and not having the ability to do it, yet to develop the ability you do have to push yourself a bit. I preferr the gradual (sp) method kinda like easing yourself into a hot tub, if you ease yourself in it is pretty comfortable, if you jump in it burns like hell for a min or so before it starts feeling better.
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Like Bob says, you have to relax to ski well. I tell folks to practice where they're comfortable and try it out where they're not, but don't feel badly about new moves not working where they're tensed.
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Hi Kneale. Good to see you around again.
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I have often found that when I try something new on challenging terrain, and it doesn't quite work, when I return to an easier slope, it works wonderfully. This gives me the confidence to go back to a harder slope and try it again.
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Hey, if my name's in three posts, does that add onto my "rating" totals? :~)

Thanks for the welcomes.
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Hi Kneale, about time you joined us ...

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Sounds like you have friends from another board. Welcome aboard Epic Ski,

in answer to your question, when you post or reply to a thread, that adds to your total. not being mentioned in other's posts.

I welcome another woodworker too...
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Well, I did something new this weekend. Skied on terrain that was more challenging, sometimes with zero visability, and a heavy kind of "powder " which is unusual for the east. Realized I was skiing very badly, but decided that I didn't give a darn. Went back for more "abuse" each time. The bottom of most of the runs were easier, so I did a little bit of technique work, there. Skied 6 hours both weekend days, and I feel great!

Hi Kneale!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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"here is my best advice"

-Speed is your friend-
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