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Together with a friend I have a uniq chance of buying one of the above skis at a very low price...

I can get all skis in all sizes except from the Nordica which is only available in 154 and 165. Also the Nordica is a 07/08 model. All other skis are 08/09.

So who am I and what am I looking for...?

My friend I are both around 6"0 tall and weigh around 180. We ski at level 8/9 and we have ben skiing since we were children (and are now in our late forties). The ski we are looking will be used 98% of the time on the piste. Conditions will be both hard and icy (60%) but at times also slushy snow (40%). We do not spent much time in the moguls !!! For off-piste and powder we have a K2 Apache Outlaw. We ski all runs, but always with high speed. We run both short and long turns.

So all in all... Which of the above skis will be the most versatile - good for both short and long turns, stable at high speed but only for use on the piste.

My own opinion is:
Atomic - is this ski stable enough at high speeds ? and is it for intermediate or expert skiers ?
Fischer RX8 is this ski good on slushy ice - it is very light and it has a very short radius (13m) is it capable of making long fast turns ?
Nordica Dobermann Spitfire - I do not know much about this ski, but is 162 cm too short for us...?
Dynamic VR21 - this ski looks good, but I do not know much about it ?

My favorites are Fischer, Atomic and Dynamic - but what would you recommend and in what length..???

Looking forward to hearing your opinions :-)

Best Regards,
Thomas, Denmark