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Finally out of the backseat...

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I´m back from my first 5 days of the season,and truly happy.My new short slaloms make carving on two skis really easy and Al Hobart´s booklet was just what i needed.
But the big breakthrough has come in my fore/aft balance.
Through an anonimous tip on the net which simply said "lift your toes"...
Everytime we extend a leg(walk,run,jump) or hold a weight (lift,push) we also press the ball of the foot by extending the ankle.It is a powerful move that we practice hundreds of times every single day.It´s very automatic.
But when i try to press the ball of the foot inside a ski boot (to put my weigth forward)
what happened was my ankle would extend,the leg would press against the rear cuff and i would be in the backseat.Hands and shoulders forward would balance me again but it´s inefficient,tiring,ugly and impossible in soft snow (that tripping forward feeling...).
If you learn how to extend an hold leg pressure without extending the ankle,your weigth will be resting 50% on the boot tongue and 50% on your heel,your hips will come forward over your feet,your back will straighten out and you will be riding the ski´s sweet spot effortlessly.
High speed,steeps and tight turns will prompt your muscle memory to extend that ankle,i´m still learning to avoid this response but the rewards are so inmediate!.
Hope it works for you... [img]smile.gif[/img]
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One of the hallmarks of a good ski instructor (or ski instruction writer) is finding different ways to tell the same thing to different folks.

For me, the clue I need is to pull my feet back, especially the inside foot. The clue that works for you is to raise your toes. For someone else, the clue might be to keep their hands forward enough to be in their vision. Same result.

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I´ve tried pulling my skis backwards,it worked well when entering a turn but pulling up my toes works also for extending to jump,flexing to absorb a mogul etc...i guess it just works better for me.
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Lifting your toes WILL help pull you forward, but you need to be flexible in the ankles. Try lifting the outside of the foot to pressure the ball. At the same time, lift the arch of the other (in this case, inside) foor. Instead of pressing down, which for me tend to make me tighten just like scrunching up the toes, you're lifting up.
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