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I've been digging through the forums for a while and have reached the point where I'm currently sitting with information overload.

Some background:
I'm a recreational skier, 29 years old, 5'6, 185lbs, pretty athletic, and would like to start hunting for some skis that will get me through the next several seasons without renting.
I'm skiing entirely on the East Coast (NY/VT, predominantly) in a fair amount of ice and slush. Sticking mostly to blue runs, challenged by blacks (sometimes severely), depending on their nature, the conditions and how I'm feeling about my rentals. This is my current status after skiing a decent bit as a teenager and abandoning the sport for a number of years. In essence, I was once a better skier than I am now, but plan on getting out there more often (though probably no more than 10 days max in a season) and will start with boots, as is so often recommended here. Because I'm willing to spend a little on boots, I'm looking to pick up later model skis at a discount or through used channels.

My ski style tends towards short turns and moderate (please don't misinterpret this as slow) speeds and I typically ski with folks far better than me.

Any ski recommendations with the above in mind? If I had to choose between "good for now" vs. "will grow into in two seasons," I'd opt for "good for now." Any help would be much appreciated.