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Hart, The One.

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Any one ski the twin Hart ski called {The One}? Looks like good over all dimentions. Please tell me how you like them and how they are in all condintions. James
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I haven't skied it, but I've skied a few of their other skis and have been fairly happy with them. If its anything like the Lady Hart Twin Tip from a few years ago, its really nice. Good edge hold, nimble and yet takes charge in crud.
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Actually it was supposed to be the Hart ONe with a slight play in the lettering .

Very nice ski. This does ski different than the "frontside" oriented Harts that are coming from Europe. The ONe is produced here in the states. I skied many of the prototypes of this ski and what is currently being offered is a winner of a ski.
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Thanks phil and TrekChick. I never ended up buying this ski yet couldnt get the deal I wanted. Maybe next time. I found a great deal on some Jetfuels instead to try.

 I noticed on Harts new web site they arnt carring the Fulie Boss any more? hmmm. I love mine! im doing some remounting right now on my Fulies. I just mounted them 6cm forward. I cant wait to try this out. I did some arch testing with my big foot print at various possitions on the skis. At this location the tip and tail were a more even flex with the larger center section being taken up with a 355mm boot length.

  The thought is to make shorter turns with greater ease than the original possiton. Also for hucking and stomps because the very short tails before were less forgiving on the landings. Im also hopeing for better powder performance out of this ski. The tails are realy quite soft so lengthening them may help keep the tips higher by alowing more flex in the central part of the ski? Ill let ya know how it turns out later this week 

      If I can get my hands on some oNES Ide like to try dukes with them over the jests. Maybe this summer ill come across a pair? Im almost leaning to the 102,s now though. Well see. 

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They dont have a "fuelie" line anymore, but I coulda swore that I saw Boss's on the sight...


Gotta go look. haha.

By golly, your right!
I'm sure you can still get them.

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I think the fuelie is now the pulse.

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Originally Posted by Finndog View Post

I think the fuelie is now the pulse.

Fuelie was the a prototype line.

Stage 1's are now the pulse, Scarab's were the Attack, but I think they changed them after the first batch.
There was Fuelie; stage1, scarab and boss.
My Stage 1's are supposed to be here today. I hope. Bindings wont be here till wed. =(

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