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Learned how to ski when i was 2.5. Started boarding in late teens and haven't skied too much in 4 years. Looking to get back into skiing. I own boots, poles, and bindings, so i am now looking at picking up a pair of skis and need help choosing a pair.

  • I am male, 5'8, 150lbs, intermediate/advanced.
  • I ski mostly in the Tahoe, CA/NV area, probably 5-10 days/year
  • spend 50% of my time on on blackdiamond/blue runs 25% Tree skiing 25% moguls. I hit the park maybe once a trip, for an hour or so.
  • I ski fast, using tight turns
  • Looking for an all-mountain ski
  • I've demoed various ski's in the past few years, and i don't remeber exactly what they were...
  • I've enjoyed a pair of 174 X-Screms 5 years ago, a pair of Volkl all mountain skis 2 years ago.
  • Hated a pair of Volkl Mantra's 2 years ago - Chattered too much
  • I HATE skis that chatter
  • I don't want an overly shaped ski.
I have seen good deals on the Volkl 5star 175, 2003 Volkl energy 420 177, Bandit B2 166. Any comments on these? Any recommendations? Do you think a ski >175 is too large for me?