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Flat right foot

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Due to having twisted my ankle a couple of times my right foot is quite flat. I've used one bootfitter for a long time an he did a great job of fitting my difficult (wide) feet, blowing out the sides, big toes and other presssure points. I have comformable insoles and he has also put a small slanted lifter under the right foot which does create a tighter fit round the ankle. BY the way the left foot is perfect.

I've had the boots Noridc Speed Machine 14 for 2 years although skied a lot of last year on my touring boots (much less precise but as expected)

Unfortunately as I'm skiing more this season in my Alpine boots the right foot is moving more. I have last years Dyna 186 LP's with PX18 Race bindings which is a heavy setup which no doubt excacerbates the problem. I can improve things by cranking up the middle 2 clips but this results in foot ache. I have the top 2 clips on the left boot at 2 and 2 but have the right boot at 4 and 4 and pushed one of them up to 5 yesterday.

When I was younger and did a season with some racing I had some Nordica GP (the green ones) with foam injected liners. They were stiff as hell, great for racing but as I became more of a recreational skier and put on some weight the pain factor became too much and my boot fitter put a standard liner back in which solved things. I am much fitter this year and probably the same weight as I was back then. I still have the old foam injected liner and tried putting it in my Speedmachine 14's. It is definitely a tighter fit to my right ankle (and is much stiffer than the standard liner - wgicg I like although am worried about the pain factor if I ski in them). I was just walking around in the living room and could feel some pressure points round the ankle but know they can be blown out.

Unfortunately I won't have a chance to go back to my normal bootfitter this season and will need to use someone locally in Switzerland - none of my fellow skiers have had much luck with the local bootfitters they've used.

My question is whether it is daft to try putting a 10 year old foam injected liner (used 1 season) in my speedmachine 14 shell and start blowing out the shell.

I guess my other option is to get some new custom foam injected liners but I don't really want to fork out the big bucks again without being sure if I'll get sick of the extra pain from a stiff foam injected liner.

Sorry for the long spiel but would really appreciate some expert advice so I'm not relying completely on what a bootfitter I have no experience with recommends.

Thanks in advance.

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Bob where in switzerland are you, can you get to Chamonix if so go see Steve at Footworks {smallzookeeper on here}

his details are in the thrad at the top of the forum or he may be along soon and post his number
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Yep Chamonix is close. A friend didn't have a good experience with Surefoot in Verbier (I think) but appreciate it really comes down to the skill of the fitter. Thanks for your response Colin
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Footworks rather than Surefoot ..it is an independant one off shop
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Just back from purchasing boots at Foot works. Will see tomorrow how well they work but can already say that the service and commitment from Steve, Sebastian and Alex was first class. Thanks guys! 

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