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Help a friend!

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So I have a friend who's come across some really hard times and needs our help. His mother has been diagnosed with many types of very advanced cancer (liver, back, kidney, etc) and on his way up from Florida to be with her in her last few weeks, his car was broken into and EVERYTHING HE OWNS OF VALUE WAS STOLEN. We're talking clothes, computers, ski gear, any electronics, etc. etc. etc. all gone in a time when he was already under unimaginable anguish. Talk about adding insult to injury...

He is a very good friend of mine and he is a great skier and he's asked me for input on where to get replacement skis as now his are gone. As you can guess, he's having a very hard time with what's going on, and not being able to ski (he can't really afford to rent) isn't helping at all. I told him to hold his horses and I would see what deals I can drum up, but he wants to buy in the hext few days. Obviously the guy is going through some really hard times and could use a hand, so if you own a ski shop and can help the kid with some kind of deal, please let me know he and I would both appreciate it more than you know.

He's 25, about 5'10" and 180ish, and he's a trick skier but loves to rip the whole mountain too. He's looking for something in the mid 80's to low 90s waist and twin tipped. He likes to spin so swing weight is a consideration but not a deal breaker. I'm thinking something along the lines of PEs, Addict Pros, Prophet 90s, Mojo 90s, Stockli Snakes, etc... So let me know if you have something along those lines at a deal price- we both appreciate your input or suggestions, this is a hard time for him.

Yes, I'm getting him online too... Once he gets another computer he'll have an Epic username to thank anyone who may have helped so you should be seeing him around these parts soon.

Thank you in advance for any help. You can't know how much he needs it right now.
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I bought some '08 skis from Snow Deals Now on eBay ( takes you to his eBay store), and they were new in plastic as advertised and shipped promptly. Think that I paid about 1/2 of what the '09s retail for including the shipping, and the only change between years was the graphics.

I'd recommend setting up a PayPal account for your buddy. I could sure spare a few bucks for a guy with a very sick mom who was also ripped off by scumbags at the worst possible time. I would imagine there would be others here that would also chip in. I am much more likely to do it with a few clicks rather than finding the checkbook, stamps, envelope, actually writing, etc.
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does he need boots? if so, what size are his feet?
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His boots are actually the only thing he still has. I didn't mean to give the impression that he doesn't have any money but he has to replace all his stuff now so skis are just one more thing, you know? I'm just looking for who's got the best deal on what for the kid.
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