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where did Salomon racing go?

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I've been out of the gear market for probably close to ten years. I was browsing Salomon's website when I was looking for new skis and noticed that their Equipe series is no longer listed.

Where did it all go?
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Salomon is still active in racing. Its race products, like the rest in the industry, are available through specialty retailers.

I noticed that the race product was not on its website, but if you watch World Cup competition or catch a regional competition, you will see plenty of Salomon products on the hill.

I'm sure others can give you more information on the topic.

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Salomon is out of the US racing market. They are not out of the world racing market. Simple economics dictate moves like this from time to time. Racing has proven to be very inconsistant as a marketing tool in the US. Even when a high profile US racer has success on the world wide stage, it often has minimal effect on US sales.

Cases in point.......

Head has possibly the highest profile racer in the world and they build some fine skis. Yet, they are not making any reasonable market share headway in the states.

K2 has zero presence in racing and some may question the skiability of some of their offerings. Yet, they are more dominant in the US market than any company in the last 15 years.

Given these examples as case studies, it might make some sense for Salomon not to invest in racing in the US.

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Hey Jim,
When did Solly leave the US market in racing?

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Do they still have a global website where they have info on their racing products? When I click on the products link at salomonracing.com, it just dumps me back to salomonsports.com
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Much of Salomon's racing presence is now handled by Atomic, after Amer bought out Salomon a few years back. If you look at the Salomon stock on the feet of World Cup racers these days, the skis aren't very different from Atomic's wares, and the bindings are closer to the Atomic design than the old Salomon posts.
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