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RISkier and I headed north for the weekend to Bretton Woods. Saturday was bitterly cold with temps under 10 F to the mid-teens, and with a strong wind, which is very unusual at BW. Conditions were pretty good except over near West Mountain, I don't think they've made much snow over there and the cover was thin and icy. Things were good in the morning, but got pretty icy all over later in the day. The lodge was more crowded than the slopes, I think everyone was having trouble keeping warm.

Sunday was still very cold but the wind was diminshed. Conditions were fantastic over on the eastern slopes, Bode's Run, McIntyre's, etc. There were no crowds at all, it was a great day on the stuff we skied. We again avoided West Mountain because they were blowing snow over there. Glen Plake was there today and I had a picture taken with him. How cool is that? Not as cool as my feet, unfortunately. Ice cubes.

The ski and stay deal at the Hampton Inn in Littleton is excellent, it's a very nice place to stay and they have packages to Bretton, Cannon, Burke, and someplace else, maybe Wildcat. It was a nice change from the last couple of divey hotels I've stayed in trying to save a buck.