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dempsey tours

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I just signed up for a Mike Dempsey tour in Whistler this coming January and wondered if any other Bears will be there?
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Het you have this in the wrong forum
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sorry Pierre. It's a 5 week instruction course so I thought it might go here.
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I'll be in Whistler for 2 weeks. one in January (26-feb 2) and again Feb 16-23 (may get trimmed back a little if teaching cuts into this). I am not there for the "demsey tour" but will be around to ski or share a glass of wine if you are too busy to free ski. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Pierre eh and Het,

Excuse my ignorance but who is Mike Dempsey?


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Have a look at www.dempseytours.com to see what I've let myself in for!
I am travelling on my own so this course suits me as I can ski with the same people every day, hopefully make the break from level 8 to 9 and get a Level I cert!
....and a great tan
....and an improved alcohol tolerance
....and a rich ski instructor boyfriend
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Hi Dchan,
I get to free ski at the weekends and wine is always a good option so I'll post nearer the time and let you know where I'll be!
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Rich and ski instructor? I'm afraid that's an oxymoron! Most ski instructors seem to be looking for rich girlfriends! [img]tongue.gif[/img]

For further info, view the film, Aspen Extreme!

Ducking and Running! :
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Thanks for the link. I would have to agree with LM ski instructing is a great career if you have the money. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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