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Alta 1/04/09

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It was very cold- about 7*, then up to 14 or so. Nobody there, all the holiday guests had gone home. Backside opened- massive slides all over backside from High Notch to Gunsight, so that was roped off. Yellow Trail and Glory Hole were open. Not the Castle, although they were bombing over there. I fired off a few shots with my new Cannon Elph- but not many as the chip that came with it had only 10 or so on it. Great little camera, it has a viewfinder! Didn't really stop for pics though. too much powder to ski. These are from that last little shot on the backside before the runout to the rope tow.
Nice day, huh?
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oh ... looks nice!

I love me some backside (when it's available
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where is david?
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Sweet little report. It's nice to hear that no one was there. I can only imagine a day at Alta with.....nobody there.

Great pictures!
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That looks like no fun. I'm so glad I'm sitting on my couch in Atlanta and not skiing in all that powder....

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Awesome. I'll be there in a couple weeks, and I'm looking forward to it.
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Originally Posted by karlschrantz View Post
where is david?
David was laggin', but that's him in the upper left of the last photo, with Emily coming down center. The hiking was killing him, coming from sea level and all. He nearly took out Em going too fast on the groomers. Next time he gets his ticket pulled...

things are shaping up nicely in Zion...
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Nice pics!
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Thanks all. By the way, welcome Karlschrantz!- now, who was Karl Schrantz again in real life? I recall he was a man of some notoriety...
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by the way i spelled schranz wrong for the purest but i defy anyone to try and change their username in this system. killykiller might have been nice.
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ps. if katrin is doubled over on her poles david must be dying.
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love the pictures.

I stilll remember when I had all the first year snowbird ski school with me and I cut that traverse by going retardedly fast only to see a literal herd of people follow us out there on a traverse that wasnt option 10 minutes prior.

I love to jum the little tree in this picture

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