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Technica R130 and Intuitions

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Ok, I probably should have left well enough alone. Bud balanced my boots last year at Aspen. My liners have started to pack out, and I decided that I should get a higher performance liner.

I have a very high volume foot with a high arch. I had a local shop put intuitions into the boot, and it was a very tight fit -- in fact, so tight that I can't wear the right boot for more than a run or so before I am in such pain that I can't continue to ski. They also had to bake the left liner 4 times before they got the volume of my foot, orthotic, and liner into the shell properly.

I've been back twice, and they are now telling me that there really isn't much else they can do -- the right boot can't be stretched (it is a plug boot) and it is about as ground as it can get.

So what to do? It is painful to ski in the liners, and given that the liners feel short i doubt i can hike much. I've decided to ski at Aspen in the stock liners, but do you guys think I should just take the liners back and give up, go to another bootfitter for intuitions, go to Zipfits, or foam?

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Unfortunately a high volume foot in a smaller volume boot has limitations to how much material can fit between your foot and the shell. It sounds like there just isn't enough room for the Intuition. Zip Fit, I hear, has a new even lower volume liner for plug boots that may work for you and any shop that carries them should be able to let you try them in your boots to see if they work. Your shop may be willing to help you out on this one....they should!

Recheck your alignment after new liners.

good luck,
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Thanks Bud. I'll check out the Zips.

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Try the new zips, however be aware that even the new WC Limited Edition for plug boots will only work well if the you have sufficient room in the shell.

The new zip is still fatter in volume and denser in texture than the stock cork/oil lace up liner that came with your RH 13.

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Jim makes a good point!

You know, as simple as this may sound, you may want to try just slipping a bontex shim under your stock liner to snug up the forefoot area and maybe some strategically placed padding around cuff?
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