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Boot fitting issue with toes

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First post but I've been reading through a lot of the threads here trying to pick up on the sagely advice already given to other members. Apologies if I've missed a similar query already.

By way of background, I'm in the UK, have skiied in Europe for a week or two each of the last 8 years. I swore at the end of the first two trips I'd never go again because of boot pain but got the bug and kept going (and there are painkillers out there) First trip I had a different rental pair of boots everyday.

Bought my own boots for the third trip after a fitting (Salomon Evolution 8.0) and the fitter noted high arches so I had a custom inner made which alleviated a lot of the problems. Then followed a few trips as a beginner without any pain.

However I found over subsequent seasons that I've lost the nails on both big toes. When I spoke to the guys at the store they concluded I needed a new footbed but I got the same issue again last season. Skiing is fine first day but then I guess the damage is done, the toe is overly sensitive the following morning and the boot seems too tight and skiing is not the fun it can be.

I'm not sure if the problem was that the experience on being unable to apply any control through the boots on the first two trips led me to overcompensate and purchase too tight a fitting pair of boots which. WOuld be unusual to buy too tight a pair as a newbie I'm sure.

Current pair are sized 24.5 - when I went to a store today to try some on they believed I should be looking initially at 25.0s. (Unfortunately no stock at the level of boot I wanted to try at that size)

I'm sure the fitter for my current pair did a "shell test"and trying it now it's tight to get hand down the back of the shell but once the fingers are brushing the footbed of the shell there is room to move them about and easily 25mm space . However with the "Custom Fit" inners there's never a feeling of any movement back and forth and the big toe feels too tight against the front although I can wiggle them a little. Fit elsewhere on the foot has not been a problem.

I'm a US size 6.5, narrow to medium width (C?) 135lb at 5'6" and when I'm not hurting can cope with ice and black runs although any style disappears at that point.

Will be buying new boots this month - so would appreciate any pointers to help me avoid a repeat please.

Do I need to look for a boot that is more big-toe friendly in shape eithe rby design or because they can be altered in that area (The techs told me that the toe area of my Evolution 8.0s couldn't be expanded any )and maintain the same snug fix elsewhere (whatever size 24.5 or 25.0 the boot feels best at the fitting) and are there any suggestions - I've started looking into the Falcon CS Pros

or do I need to ask the fitter to look more at stance etc. since the problem only really kicked in I think when I started to learn to carve, hit red slopes etc and was no longer sitting back and snowploughing.

Any helpful suggestions would be much appreciated.


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Your situation is almost always due to sitting back +/- boot too big.

If you're a relatively new carver, my bet is that you're behind your feet.

Occasionally the toe box profile may press down on the toes, but this is rare.

Suggest you get carefully shell fitted (25 is too big for you) and pay attention to fore/aft setup (forward lean, ramp, footbed, delta/binding system), although in my experience the primary problem tends to be technique .
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agree with jdistefa, this problem is usually caused by boots with too much volume in the heel/instep parameter area which allows the foot to slide forward when weight is on the tails and jam the toes into the front of shell. The addition of a tongue shim and maybe a bontex insole shim to snug things up a bit and hold the heel back will help but the real answer is a properly sized boot and getting your fore/aft alignment assessed and optimized. Then it is up to you to ski offensively and get off the tails!

good luck, and don't give up skiing just get the boots dialed and you will be fine!

and welcome to Epic!
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3rd ed to what was said.

25 boot = size 42 shoe.....
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Thanks for the welcome and taking the time to reply guys.

I was fully prepared to accept poor technique as primary cause - just ironic that the one period of no problem links to when I'm conscious that I was sitting back in the boots.

That noted, too much 'volume' in the heel area also makes sense when I think about the current fit - think I've got a clearer idea of what might be going on inside the boot now. I've been focusing on only one element of the fit and guess that's why I couldn't resolve in my head that the toe was touching the front of the boot but that the fit might be too big...

Absolutely no chance of me giving up the slopes Bud and I appreciate the encouragement... I just want to do it without the ibuprofen if possible.

I've got a lead on a reasonably local boot specialist operating that I may go and see instead of one of the larger retail chains - cheers all
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where are you based??? i am in Bicester or i may know someoen closer who can help you out

all of the above sounds true, too much volume too big a boot possible technique issues
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Hello CEM

Uncanny As chances would have it you're the very chap I was going to contact (have read your posts on a uk based forum) I was even going to post a link to this thread.

Will email you directly later this evening. I'm on the Hampshire Surrey border so Bicester is only a little farther for me than Snow and Rock in Chertsey
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