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Some classics

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OK, the CP says it's time to clean the garage, so a few of the old classics have to go. I don't think it's worth even trying them on ebay, but before I go that route or they make that sad trek to the end of the driveway in a garbage can, I'll put them up here first.

All of these are in reasonable condition, no big gouges or core shots, have lots of edge left and have not been extensively used, but haven't seen snow in years and years, so the edges are rusty, and the skis are dirty from sitting in the corner of the garage for soooo long. Here they are.....

Dynastar Coupe X9 - 203 cm w/Marker SC 51 bindings (din 4-12):
Was essentially a de-tuned GS ski - marketed as an all-mountain ski in it's day.

Dynastar Coupe G9 - 195 cm w/race plate - Marker Logic 8.1 bindings (din 3-11): This was their retail GS race ski - likes to be skied fast!

Volkl Carver Plus - 177 cm w/Marker EPS 6.1 (din 3-10): Was one of Volkl's early shaped skis - bindings mounted 2 cm forward as my wife skied on this ski.

Rossignol DV6L w/Tyrolia 570D bindings (din 3.5-9.5): One of Rossi's first skis designed for women skiers - also one of Rossi's first 'cap' construction skis.

Any or all can be yours if you are willing to pay for shipping. Send me a PM if interested.

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There'll be pics if I can find the time to get them cleaned up, but I didn't want to bother with that which is why I posted them here first. Hey, if I get them all cleaned up, I may want to ski on 'em again
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OK, many months later - PICS!!! and just in time for the ski season!  Still looking for a new home!  Rock skis anyone?

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Tag, can you do me a favor and take some archival macro-snaps of the old race plate and what that looked like?

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Sorry didn't see this request till now.  This is what I have available.

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^ Looks pretty durn close to a Derbyflex.

Thank you.
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