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Blizzard Titan Argos

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Me: 5'10" 145, 29 and athletic. Wow that sounds like a personal!

I ski hard, the whole mountain, and like a wide range of terrain. I would guess I am a level 9 skier. My favorite ski in the world is an old 177 head xp100, super fun. And I have some public enemy 179’s which I find a bit blergh.

I got theses skis in a 180 for a deal with a set of the iq 3-10 bindings. Not the normal bindings that would go with these skis, but I am light and have a small boot so I thought sure why not.

On the iq system, I love the idea, I am an engineer and really believe there must be a better way of fixing skis and bindings together then having holes drilled in them!

However I had some issues! The screws that came with the bindings turned out to be to long. Perhaps just the combination of this ski and binding that are not usually put together, I don't know. But I only discovered this problem after mounting the first binding and finding that the screw was no where near in and the base was bulging ever so slightly. GRRRRRRRRRRRR. Anyway, I had the techs at work mod the screws and got them all mounted up. Pretty much fine now and my first base grid should deal with the bulge.

Anyway I mounted them on the front hole, which is about 2cm in front of the back hole, but I set the heel and toe pieces differently on the joining piece to put my boot center 1cm back from where it would normally be, hence I am pretty much right between the two mount points.

Jumped on this ski yesterday at Sugarbowl. Very mixed conditions, it had snowed the night before but it had been windy. So a real mix of very hard wind blown stuff, hard crud, some nice 3-4 powder, soft and hard bumps.

First impressions were that this ski is really easy to ski, very easy. So much that right of the bat I was wishing I had mounted straight on the rear hole.

The ski is quick and nimble. Quick turns are a breeze and the tail comes around really fast. I had to be a bit careful not to overturn the ski in short turns and it seems to work best if you stay very centered. It really was fun to dance down the fall line around trees rocks and bumps without having to think too much about making turns as the ski just came around for me. Really just let me enjoy the terrain.

On the hard wind blown it gripped as well as you would expect for a ski of this width. You could count on it for sure, it wasn’t going to leave you sliding down the hill looking for an edge.

The powder I found was really nice with this ski. It has some beef to it but is not super stiff and it just worked for a really nice turn. The snow was not really deep and I can’t wait to try it on a 2 foot plus Kirkwood day, which is what I bought the ski for.

In the crud, moving fast, the ski worked pretty well. I think I would have been happier with a mount point a little further back as it got a bit skittish. But you just had to stay on it and be aware. The crud was pretty hard though so that could be a factor as well.

So all in all, I really enjoyed the ski, I am going to adjust the mount point though which is the beauty of the iq system, the option is there without drilling more holes in your ski.

BUT. A major issue I have. I suffered 3 pre releases at my normal din which is 8. All from the heel. Now I have skied Marker bindings for many years with few issues, this binding has a marker heel and a toe that is a Rossi if I am not mistaken, pretty odd! At lunch I cranked the din to 9 on the heel and 8.5 on the heel. I suffered two more releases. Now don’t get me wrong, I am happy when skis come off for my own good. But going through a bump field and getting inn a trough and having the ski just pop off is not on.

I used to work as a ski tech and know how to set up a marker heel in terms of forwards pressure etc. So I am not sure what the issue is. I am also aware that riding a binding at the edge of it’s din is also not ideal, but really. Perhaps the 3-10 binding is more aimed at lower end recreational style skiing, I mean I know it is, and hence does not have the shock absorbing capabilities etc that may be present on higher end bindings, I don’t know. Anyway I am at a bit of a loss as one of my prereleases had me sliding down a steep slope at some speed and could have been dangerous. I guess I will have to find some different iq bindings and see how it goes.

Anyway that is all folks, hit me up with any questions and hope you get some good turns in soon!
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Very nice. This is a ski I am definitely interested in. I'd like to hear how it performs in fresh pow.
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Originally Posted by thaar View Post
Very nice. This is a ski I am definitely interested in. I'd like to hear how it performs in fresh pow.
I own the Titan Argos on 180 and just yesterday I skied them on 16'' of new snow. The skis just blast through everything. I really love them when you point them down and make long turns over the soft surface. This was just my third time on the ski and the first on a big powder day and I could tell the difference on how easy they are to ski in those conditions. Highly recommended!
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Ugh, I'm torn between the LP and Argos.
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Originally Posted by thaar View Post
Ugh, I'm torn between the LP and Argos.
Tough call.....both are great skis. The Argos is a bit grippier and feels more nimble to me. The LP would have more power in mixte conditions and higher speeds. (That would be comparing the 184LP to the 180 Argos)

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Originally Posted by Powder Puppy View Post
Not the normal bindings that would go with these skis, but I am light and have a small boot so I thought sure why not.

Maybe there is your release problem.
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Just noticing, could the 3.10 be part of the issue? Not sure how good they are laterally?
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I am sure the 3.10 could be part of the issue. They are probably designed to err on the side of release rather than retention as they are more a recreational binding.
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OK a long overdue update.


First of a big shout out to Tim aka ptex1 for hooking me up with a new set of bindings.


I went with the new 5.14 IQ with the same heel design as the duke, the fit in the ski channel is much better than the 3.10 I had and I have had no pre-release issues since.


So with the new bindings I moved my mount point back to the back hole on the ski. I must say instantly I very much prefered this position. The ski is instantly more stable and I can really ski at any speed without worring about stability.


The feel is stil wonderfully quick and easy, this ski is great in tight situations as well as big open fast turns.


The damping is good, out of preference I would have it ever so slightly stiffer, but it is a good trade off for powder versus crud.


This ski has really converted me to a fat ski only skiier. The only thing I miss is a big smaller sidecut radius, at 26.5m on this ski, even if you load it you make some pretty big carved turns!


The straighter shape really helps in crud, moguls and tight places though, the ski will make many turn shapes and can be easily smeared at the end of a turn to kill some speed.


I would whole heartedly recomend this ski. It is quick, rewarding and stable, a really great balance. The rearward mount is far better then the front, and gives a much more balanced, stable ski, that is still very quick.


I have 6 days in a variety of Kirkwood conditions and have never found the ski lacking. Hence I agree with Sierrajim this could be a great 1 ski tahoe quiver, it is for me!


Cheers all.


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