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cold race boots

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Nordica Doberman. cold boot. or is it me? seems like the boot heater option with the race boot if you are using the race boot for everyday all day skiing? when I thought control I forgot about warmth, but didn't have a lot of options in a 23 shell, did I? (SJ, thanks for your help)
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FYI, my usual approach:

1) Tinfoil or reflective 1/16" shim on boot board.

2) Lower buckles done up? Snow on liners at end of day? Consider duct tape to reduce minor leaks.

3) Good thin ski socks, change at least once mid-day.

4) Footbed?

5) Consider boot heater.

6) Consider prescription cream (1-2% Nifedipine) to dilate blood vessels in toes.
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Also most race boots are avail in both 23 and 22 shells
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