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RECON alternatives

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I am about to pull the trigger on some Recons.

Anyone have a suggestion as to something else I should look at?

I live and ski in NC mainly with 2 trips our west a year. (10 days)

I like to carve it up and love the GS...so I thought the recons would be a good do everything OK ski...

I have skied the Crossfires and like them..I have not skied the Recons...

Also, any suggestions on best pricing?
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Why did you choose the Recon (i.e. what is important for you in a ski?)
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Mainly it seems like a good 1 quiver ski.

I liked the crossfire that i had skied on but thought it was too small a ski to take out west and I couldn't get it to make the larger turns. it carved up a storm, a little unstable at speed.
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I'm not sure what jazzed you about the Recons, but my friend demo'd a year ago, in the interest of upgrading his skis. He was really torn between the Recon and the Head IM82.
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If you liked the Crossfire, you will like the Recon, they have that family feel. MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) on the Recons in in the 900 range (PM Me for a price though). This years ski does have the new MX binding and from what people who skied this years and last years say there is a big difference.
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Try a quick search on Recon and you'll find lots of discussions and suggestions. Far from my favorite.
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