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Boots for really large woman :-))

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I would greatly appreciate any help with the following:

Boots: I am 5'11" and close to 200lbs lady-bug. My foot is 27.5 with really high arch and quite big calf. My skiing level can be wishfully described as intermediate. We are going to spend most of the time in winter in Switzerland and I really want to improve my skiing.

BUT I have never been able to find boots that did not hurt me. I spent hours trying many rentals, only to settle on something that was either too big in the toe, or hurt awfully in the calf. That really impared my skiing, and as I now understand, is just dangerous.

Recently I decided I cannot suffer any longer, I went to several shops where I tried all the boots around (women's, when I can find 27.5 and also men's). I had the best luck with Tecnica, a few models and the best was Mega 10 Ultrafit. Yet I still could not lock the boots completely, or when I locked them, they hurt!

I haven't been able to locate Tecnica Vento 70 H.V.L., I read that it is the widest boot available. Shall I try to find them or you can recommend some other models? If I do find them and they miraculously fit (more or less) shall I buy them?

After reading this forum, I understood that a good bootfitter is invaluable. Shall I seek some advice from a bootfitter before I buy the boots or it makes sense to come to him only with the boots? I read about Mountain Air Nick in Verbier, I can go there. If someone knows any good boot fitter in Geneva/Lausanne area, that would be fantastic!

Ot shall I abandon all the hope and try to save some money for custom boots?

Thanks a lot!!!!

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most bootfitters sell and work on boots off the street, but best to call them first and see what they prefer.

overall your size should not be a big issue to find something to work. Just don't get caught up in "lady's only" boots (it just limits your options by too much) get a boot that FITS.
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smallzookeeper who posts on here [details on the contacts thread] is based in Chamonix which is about 1 hour from Geneva

get his details from the thread and call up for an appointment
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Thanks Charlie.

Hrusha, 0033450534652, please ask for Steve
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