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rossignol demo day

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Next saturday ( january 10th 2009 ), there is a rossignol demo day nearby. I am in the market for new skis, and would like to know which models I should try. It doesn't mean I will buy rossignol for sure, but I have to start somewhere.

My weight is 143 lbs. height 5"8 - I am male , 37, skied since I was 5 or so. I am fairly aggressive, ski very fast, and mostly do big carves. ( not to stray from the purpose of this post, but I am thinking of getting lessons to perfect the carving.) I mention it only to illustrate I need a fair bit of forgiveness in a ski. Although I would like to try a less forgiving ski that day as well as to ascertain where my comfort level is for forgiveness. You see, due to the high speeds I ski at, I am afraid errors in my technique on a ski that is not designed for forgiveness may yield broken legs and shattered hips. But at the same time, the conditions I ski on mostly are hard packed, firm and icy. ( I live in montreal and ski mostly at night, so after a full day of the hill being skied on, it is fairly firm and often a tiny bit icy ) So I need this ski to cut through this surface when I am forcing it to.

I rarely ski moguls.

I also like to ski in snowparks, just the jumps, not the rails, I don't spin around, I just take them straight. It's just fun to get that kind of air.

Due to this type of skiing, I have always gotten longer than recommended skis.

I appreciate any help, and of coarse welcome other ski model suggestions to try because I will be going to the other demo days as well, but rossignol happens to be first.

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I would ask the rep at the demo day. I don't know the Rossi line to well these days, but the demo days are generally put on by the reps to help the shops sell skis, and they would know what would be best for you.
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Try the ROC 550 in a 210 cm!
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Originally Posted by twoturn View Post
Try the ROC 550 in a 210 cm!
For a little more manueverability I recommend the ST 650 in a 205 cm. If you're skiing a short hill maybe the 200 cm.

Those were the days and they were damn good skis.
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yes, i believe my head racing skis that i bought in the mid eigthies were 200
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I left my last pair of ROC 550's in pieces under the single at Mad River
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