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poor circulation in toes

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I am 46 years old and have been skiing for 35 years ; advanced to expert skier.I have a very high arch and my toes curl up slightly and do not touch the floor. The ball of my foot is very pronounced.With that being said , the front of my foot is always numb or just throbbing with no circulation.I have always bought top of the line boots that were fitted properly with all the expensive custom footbeds.Last year went on CO. vacation with a very fat and oversized rental boot.I was more comfortable but the performance was obviously useless.I just bought a pair of technica reval x9at ski convention for 1/2 off.They seemed to be very wide in the front part of the boot.I bought them one size larger knowing that my only chance of comfort was having my toes " swimming" in the front part of the boot.I use a thin ski sock with a thick hiking sock sewn into just the heel area to tighten things up.Can you buy shims for the heel area.Any suggestions?
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It sounds like you need to see a bootfitter who can contour the instep area of the liner and shell to match up better with your foot profile. A custom liner with a moldable instep area like a Zip-fit will also provide the heel and ankle hold that you are lookin for. Zip fit also makes a product called the Pull-over that tightens just the heel, ankle area. For socks try the Bridgedale Heel Fit. It's a thin sock with a thicker heel zone.
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best to see a boot fitter, and see what foam they can add to the heel
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Have you tried boot heaters (i.e. is it really a blood supply problem)?
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Thanx everyone. It is not a warmth problem.My toes will go numb in my golf shoes and even my sneakers sometimes.I am trying to locate the zip fit pullover,might have to wait until monday.I am hoping they will keep my heel and ankle from moving around to much and allow me to not have to buckle my boot's as much.
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All toes or consistently specific ones?
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The numbness/throbbing goes from the ball of my foot to my toes in both of my feet.If i'm skiing with my kid's,i'll usually have to take my boot's off at lunch because of the pain.the waiting on the slopes just kill's me.
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