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Ski Video Podcasting - discussion

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Thought I'd post this here as a point of discussion for video production, equipment, software, and posting.

I've been making a video podcast called "Front Range Ski Life" about skiing (and yes boarding) in Colorado. It's about skiing and good snow, but also the culture of being a Front Range skier.

Some details about the production.
-I shoot with 2 cameras, a new Canon HD Vixia HF10,and a 4-year old Canon MiniDV, ZR200.
-I edit the movie with Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9.
-I post the video podcast on iTunes, YouTube, Rip TV, & Facebook.

Some comments and thoughts.
-I'm not a pro. I do this just for fun, so my equipment, software, and posting is limited to what I've gotten my hands on and/or been willing to pay for.
-Getting the HD camera has been awesome. It's a flash drive camera and produces a much better picture. I like using the small cameras as they fit easily into packs or jackets for quick access and easy carrying.
-Posting to websites has limited the size of the output, which does limit the picture quality. But the amount of video sharing websites has made it so much easier for me to get this out there.

Check out the two episodes so far,
Episode 1, "Early Season" -

Episode 2, "Dew Tour & More" -

I'd love to hear your thoughts on your productions, comments, tips, etc.
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Have you thought about doing a Front Range Walking Tour for money? Check out my tour of Breck.

It's stills. No video. You get paid $150 plus commision. Feel free to use my name as a reference.

BTW, we're thinking of putting some podcasts together at Breckenridge Heritage, in honor of the Breck 150.
But first, we need to see if we can get our grant money.
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RMP_CO, really nice job. Good composition in your shooting. Lots of people get the interview shots wrong and your's are near perfect. Good editing too in that you didn't over edit and use a zillion little wipes between shots.

Look for a PM.
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I'm with crank on that one. Great job.

Keep them coming, I'm heading out to Summit Co in early March, so your podcasts are the perfect appetisers.


CW :-)
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Thanks for the comments and nice words, crank and cardweg. I'm always looking to improve and will keep the fun skiing content flowing. I'll have another one at the end of January. I'll post it here.
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Nice videos -- especially the 2nd one.

The HD footage looks great, and the widescreen aspect captures the action well. Crank pointed-out the transitions -- nice to see straight cuts and dissolves between the shots rather than the onslaught of star wipes and page peels usually showcased in amateur video.

I'll be waiting for the next one.
I'll also be waiting for series 2, Sierra West Slope.
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Nice job

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I'm back with our latest webisode of Front Range Ski Life. This time we shot at Keystone for the Episode - Resort Slackcountry. Whatever you call it, side country, slackcountry, or even resort backcountry, you can always avoid the crowds and find better snow if you hike for your turns. Enjoy.


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Another cracking video & what perfect timing... I'm flying out on Friday.

Can you lay on some of that fresh snow with blue skies for me please?

CW :-)


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I'm back with our next episode of Front Range Ski Life. This one is "Zen and the Art of Skiing." It's about the what skiing means to people, why they do it, and the feeling you get. Basically it's fun.


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This one had a cool outlook and good philosophy. Didn't really dig the music though.


Maybe you could have used some more Eastern influenced stuff since it had a Zen theme....


Just a thought.

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Skiing was a real thriller!! and those video really rocks, I'm really amazed with it.. where was it taken? the landscape seems familiar,

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Thanks for the comments.


It's filmed in Colorado, mostly the resorts from WP to Vail. Of course, not the UT webisode.


I have been given permission to use all the music that you hear. I have a few bands that have given me permission to use (and promote) their stuff. There's not that much variety, but yes, some eastern influence music would have worked there.

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I thought maybe that was the case.... thats cool then. Music by permission makes this thing all the more authentic and keeps it from any messy copyright issues /take down notices


Ever tried any helmet cam POV's?

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Bump for fun
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Oct 27, 2009

Hi Mom:

It was fun.  Thanks.


Thanks for your videos.   Especially vidoe 4 (The zen and art of skiing).  Had a feel of early Warren Miller works when he was feeling philosophical.  Especially like the two quotes "You're you but a different you" and "Skiing is my happy place".  Couldn't have said it better.  I think that you have a great theme in video 4 and if you could expand it to a full length feature it  might be of general interest.  I know that I find it interesting to hear others thoughts on the sport/recreational which we are so passionate about. It helps put into words and crystallizes our own feelings.  Your videos are done well (i.e. the video quality).  Most of  the people on the video have a down home quality similar to friends one would ski with. Hope to see more of your work and good luck with your effort.

Think snow,

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Glad you guys like the videos. The Zen one was enjoyable. You never know what people are going to say, but when they talk skiing it's usually fun. As for a movie, I do make a movie each year, but distribution is very limited, so I stick to posting these clips. I'll hopefully have more this winter.

In the meantime, this summer we shot an episode at the Muddy Buddy in Boulder. Great, messy fun!  

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