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Maven: 189: 154-139-151 r=22.9
112cm of flat/no camber running length. 77cm of tip/tail rocker. Mounted with STH16 @ 88cm from the tail (aka -3.2cm) for a 285 bsl Falcon 10.

Me: 5'9" 175, tree-tronner. I ski in Northern Japan. Zao would best be described as a piste mecca with god-like tree pockets. 4 Gondolas. Big lines don't exist outside the trees. It's either tree season or it's not. There is no in-between.

Other skis in my active quiver = 1st Gen Gotama/Fritsche @ 183 & '07 Jet Fuel @ 186. (The biggest ski I have ever owned is the goat.)

Other skis owned post-GS era: Bandit XX, XXX, Vertigo G40, G41, G4. (the G41 was the right one, imo)

The Maven:

Rips. I've only been on it 4 days so far, but I've learned a lot. I hope each day continues to impress me as much. The first day was "WTF is this?" I couldn't find the edge so I spent the day maching and surfing dust on crust. (which was quite fun, I might add. I had never anticipated surfing an entire face before.)

The third day was "Oh my lord! This ski is amazing." It has replaced my goat for soft snow days. I only anticipate riding my goat on days where I need a touring binding. Kinda sad, actually... but my gotama will likely fade into the past. This ski does all soft snow really well... it surfs, carves at those low angles, and doesn't deflect much. (much)

The little radius is only there for the flat piste to and from the gondola... which is super easy to turn off and on. I can feel it in the fresh at high speeds when I'm truly at the surface, and I like it. It's super easy to turn off or arc a few with. (For those who say you can't arc in pow- you can quit reading now... when you only sink an inch, it's arc heaven.) I've been skiing pow for 15 years and have never experienced this ability to carve or surf at a whim... throughout the turn. Usually you have to decide that at the beginning of the turn.

To sum it up: I grew up racing in MN in the 80's/90's. This ski is like a stable old-school SL ski on freshly groomed ice... except in pow. (if you can imagine that surface) You surf, carve, whatever you want... immediately. There is no adjustment-period in your turn. Get used to that, and you'll be tronning the fresh trees with me.

Oh, and it's heavier than my Goat/Fritsche and lighter than my Jet Fuel.

Tomorrow is day #5= maybe I'll add a bit. Nonetheless, like all reviews, This Ski Rips... blah, blah, blah.

My requests to BH for the second generation = a few millimeters narrower in the tail's widest point (open that TR to 30ish), and a stiffer fore-body (not tip) for shutting-it-down from high speeds.

My personal Resort-Pow request to all who want a two-ski quiver: soft snow and hard snow= Maven & Head Super shape.