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"skigym" simulator - kinda nifty gadget

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and the official website in german:
Looks fun, but nowhere near enough horizontal movement. Would be awesome to hook up some sensors and some hydraulics to a platform and REALLY replicate skiing though, wouldn't it? Could probably get decent data from some instrumented boots (accelerometers + gyros), build some platforms that are set up like force feedback flight simulators.... bindings attached to the moving platforms... somebody go find me a national ski team to finance this! [The difficult part would be figuring out how to do both input and feedback at the same time - could make for a really interesting mechanical engineering/robotics PHD project though!]
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Replying to this old thread to ask if anyone has seen one of these in person.

If so, what did you think?

If not, what is the best ski simulator/trainer you're familiar with?

I emailed the guys at Pro-Idee. It took them a while to find someone to reply in English, but here are my questions (in italics) and their answers.

Is the software German-only? "There is als an engish software"

Does the machine allow ski movements other than parallel/carving moves? "It is only for parallel use with one or both legs"

I am concerned that using this without wearing ski boots would cause some of the motions of feet and legs to be different than they should be, have you accounted for this somehow? Is there a way to wear ski boots while using the device? "The movement is very realistic (up to 90 %) when you use the SKIGYM with the old technique. You can not use (perhaps a little) it with carving technique, because you have no centrifugal force. The old technique is the basic for good carving and we teach always first the old technique for basic."

I am concerned that the machine may handle turns/carving only by tilting the ski itself to the left or right; not by turning the skis sideways while you are in the turn. "The machine is concepted to improve all pyhsiological and conditionell abilities you need for skiing. Also to improve your special coordination and rhythm."
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I got a ProSki-Simulator at Christmas. It's a simpler, cheaper, imported version of the most popular ski exerciser. I frankly did not think it amounted to much until I spent a week at Big Sky in late Feb. I'd used it some in conjunction with my usual treadmill and did not think I was getting as much of a workout with the ProSki as I was the treadmill. I was surprised that despite being a year older (62) the same weight and in about the same condition as I have been in the past I skied harder this trip than I have in years. No soreness after the first few days. No feeling that I was using new muscles that I never used back home. I think the darn thing works. I think the trick is the side to side motion that is so much different than the usual front to back motion of a walk or run or lunge.
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Thanks for the info. I will buy some sort of trainer/simulator soon. I like the idea of the SkiGYM because I think it might be fun in addition to being helpful for training - basically I'd hook it to a computer and hook the computer to my 46" TV and use the software to ski down the 30 or so included trails. I think the fun aspect might cause me to use it more.

That said, I'm primarily interested in something that will help with conditioning and keep technique sharp, and I'm wary of the SkiGYM being different enough from reality that it creates bad habits or starts to feel more like a game than a trainer. So I'm definitely open to something like the ProSki-Simulator.
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For a Feb ski, I tried something a little different...for a week before, I used a elliptical machine and set it up to have a maximum "decline" by setting max incline and getting on it backwards. The idea was to do eccentric (downhill run) rather than concentric exercise, and for me I was looking for low-impact. If I had my own stuff rather than using health club stuff, I might have put blocks on the back to raise by 3 degrees + and walked forward rather than backward (it's a little safer). Same would be possible with a treadmill, but with higher impact.

Anyhow, it seemed to help to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) which I always seem to get. First day is great. Second and third are agony. I also started taking some "protease enzyme" stuff (happened to be sorenzyme) specifically for DOMS, so maybe that helped as well. I never felt like I was sore to the point of disabled for a day.

I have one of those side-to-side ski exercisers, and that never seemed to do the job for me, at least regarding DOMS.

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As I continue to ponder whether I want to take a chance buying the SkiGYM ...

Anybody have insights into bargain-hunting for this item, or for German items in general? I speak a little German but not enough to feel confident reading fine print etc. For example, I might find one for sale for a great price, and not realize it's slightly damaged.

I'm not seeing much in English - just ordering directly from the manufacturer. (I also have yet to find a hands-on review in English, though several sites have "reviews" based on the device's promotional literature.)

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Just lock that whole thing onto the platform of a "Skier's Edge", and you might have something really interesting...
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Cool toy......what all these things need is a real ski boot interface (umm, binding) and a fan with speed controlled by the game so that you can get that wind in your face feeling.....get to it R&D dept's.
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I saw that the new version of the Pro Ski Simulator has a user computer to track and monitor progress.  I have one back-ordered for my 3 year old unit (they say it will retro-fit).  I have had the same experience as Steve - the "wow, that really works after all".  Living now in the midwest now, I don't get to ski more than a few times a year, despite growing up in Utah and skiing every weekend (plus as many school days as we could ditch).  My "wow" moments hit several times during the last trip back to ski with my family, when I realized that I was killing it on the moguls and holding edges really well on stuff that I would have been more tentative on previously.  My leg and torso energy wasn't spent at the end of the day either  (which I learned isn't a given for the 40+ set anymore).  I'm only using it for about 10 min/day now, but usually ramp up the reps and minutes 2 weeks before each trip.  I figure, basically I'm "skiing" for 10+ min a day, using the same muscles and movements, so while it probably wouldn't qualify as a "time machine"...it does seem to roll back the clock to my better, stronger days of skiing.

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