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Level 6/7 SoCal skier looking for a new ski

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180 pounds
Somewhere between Level 6 and 7
More towards the laid-back side than the aggressive side

Currently ski a 2004 Atomic SX:7 in 170cm length (tip/waist/tail measurements are 106/64/98 based on the 2005 SX:7). Most of my skiing is done in SoCal (Mammoth & Snow Summit), with usually one trip a year out of state (this past April it was Utah, two years ago it was Vail). I spend nearly 100% of my time on groomed runs.

I was looking at getting a second ski in the high 70's or low 80's underfoot from the 07/08 model year (I don't really feel like spending the big bucks on the latest 2009 skis). I already have a number of skis I'm considering, but before I list them, I'd like to get some suggestions to make sure I'm not overlooking anything. If I should be looking at a different waist size, I'm open to that as well. There's nothing wrong with my current skis, I guess that I just want something different for the sake of having something different.

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There are a lot of skis that would work well for you. Specific models are not going to be definitive for you. One thing that I'd suggest is that you avoid the most aggressive (stiffest) models as they will be stiffer than you will probably need.

One suggestion that might fit your budget is the '07 Nordica Afterburner. We have some of those for $349 including bindings. Check the Start Haus ski deals link for a full review and other info.

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Hey, I'm a level 7 SoCal skier too and I just got a new pair of 2007/08 Volkl AC20's which I LOVE. Some people say these are too soft, and maybe they are for some people but I think they're perfect for ripping up the groomers. The AC20 is designed for the solid intermediate to advanced skier, so you're not going to outgrow it anytime soon. I'm a bigger guy at 6'5", 210lbs so I ski the AC20 in the 177 length, so maybe a 170 for you? You can find great deals on the 07/08 AC20's right now (I got mine for $390 w/ bindings), and other than the graphics the construction is exactly the same as the 08/09 model. SkiNet Sports in Studio City might still have some on closeout for $399.


I also demo'd the K2 Apache Crossfire last weekend and found this to be an awesome ski as well.

Anyways, happy hunting!
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I am 6'0",195, same age group, skill level and style as you, and went with the Head im78 in 171... they are excellent on groomed soft stuff and hardpack, bust through cut up crud, and were great in 12–18" of light fluffy stuff last week at Kirkwood.
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