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arcteryx faked?

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i'm new here. also very glad i stumbled upon this forum. so, i would like to take a second to personally say hello, to each and everyone one of you.

anyhow, recently i've been looking to make a purchase on a arcteryx jacket. i plan on buying the jacket off ebay, for the sheer price difference. but something tells me that there are lots of fakes on ebay. has arcteryx been faked yet? sorry if this question has been asked before.

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Welcome to epic!

Yes, there are fake Arc'teryx jackets on eBay. Most are offered by sellers from the far east. Take a look at the seller's ratings before you purchase from anyone. Legit jackets will come from sellers with lots of positive feedback.

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...or some of the best Arc'teryx jackets come from high rated eBay sellers of fake Arc'teryx jackets ... if the seller is rated high and the price is right I would buy it.
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I've definitely seen fake Arc'teryx stuff in the "copy mall" in Shenzhen. 5-6 stories packed with tiny shops, all selling fake stuff. (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7wS-wPrw6o)

(it's mostly hidden, but not very well. Some of the name-brand stuff the cops "watch out for" there is hidden in the ceiling tiles, which pretty much have a network of interconnected stashes for various same-owner stores). It's supposedly a "legal mall", but it's well known as the place where you can get pretty much anything knockoff. Barely anything is actually legit, at the very least it's "Tony Hilfinger" or "Rolox" if not a direct knockoff. Most of the stores sell watches, copied DVDs, and/or purses, but at least 5 or 6 booths sell knockoff outerwear.

Kinda a fun place to go, if just for the hilarity of China's "strict copyright enforcement". Did I mention this place is literally across the street from the border with Hong Kong, with plenty of immigration/customs officers around? Yeah...

Anyway, yes, there's definitely copied arc'teryx stuff out there. Not uncommonly the factories that actually produce the real items will just order extra material and claim it as scrap or rejects, and either keep running jackets (with much lower quality control) or alter the design to something easy to make with the same fabric and real tags and make more to sell online/in stores for some quick extra cash. The labor doesn't cost much, it's setup and fabric that costs a lot - so the cost of running more jackets through is tiny for the factory. I bought a "north face" softshell there that I'm sure is actually gore windstopper - and the tags, embroidering, and labels were all 100% perfect. It's certainly not ski-gear quality though, and I'd never rely on it for more than walking around town. Was just way cheaper ($32 after a good bit of haggling if I remember correctly?) and better quality than any other softshells they had there!

An easy way to spot obvious fakes is to check the tags and labels. Very often there will be misspellings, incorrect translations, bad grammar, or just flat out gibberish. Check the tag edges for clean cuts and whatnot too, and for paper quality and print quality.
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