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Best training for snowboarding CO/UT???

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I am thinking on learning to board more. I have had 1 day of lessons. I want to get about 3 days of lessons on a trip maybe next month. I took ski lessons at Breck in CO and liked the all day beginner deal. I looked online and haven't seen anything like that for SLC. I like SLC having more options with the big city close to the mountion. I know there are pros and cons for both, just would like to know what to think of to book a trip to learn.
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Have you tried checking out the how to snowboard videos on youtube? I have a friend who watched those and then he spent a day just trying stuff out on the mountain by himself. He's pretty decent now even though he never had any formal training.

The one thing I don't like about the learn to ride deals resorts in my area offer is the lift ticket is usually only good on the bunny slope, which is usually a really short run so you end up taking a ton of rides on the lift, which means more waiting in line for the lift.
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Mr. H,

Congratulations on having survived day 1! Breck has some really sweet beginner terrain, but there are tons of options for having a great second time riding experience in CO and SLC. In Summit County you might want to look at Keystone and Copper. Between the base villages and the local towns (e.g. frisco, silverthorne), Summit County gives SLC a good run for the money with respect to off snow things to do. Winter Park has a great school and an Epic riding instructor (DaySailer), but they are a bit further off the beaten path. In SLC, you might want to check out The Canyons, Park City or Solitude. One aspect of SLC that's hard to beat is the availability of inexpensive lodging.

Days 2-4 for many riders is more about getting a lot of mileage in than needing a lot of help. You probably won't need an all day lesson. Even if you're feeling like you've got big problems, it can be surprising how far a little tweaking can take you, especially when you have soft snow to ride on. But all day lessons are available at many resorts (e.g. Keystone and The Canyons).
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My frequent flier miles are leaning more to SLC so along with the cheaper hotels and rental car I think I have narrowed it to Utah. I would like to get 2 full days of lessons for both my wife and I. I have found The Canyons offer full day lessons but all others only offer 1/2 days. Is there any package deals with lessons/rental/lift for a place by SLC? Would also like to if there are any differences in the teaching methods at the resorts as in quality, experiance, understanding....
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We don't have any acknowledged riding instructors from SLC participating here (maybe this will prompt some to come forward), but all of the SLC resorts that allow riding have fairly large schools. As such, at the beginner level you are more likely to get a relatively inexperienced instructor for a group lesson. If you're concerned about that (and it's not automatically necessary that you should be), then you should look at a private lesson where you can guarantee getting an experienced and/or certified pro. With respect to teaching methods, I know that the Snowbird school has several AASI (American Association of Snowboard Instructors) certified members. Their teaching methods will be heavily influenced by AASI. I don't know about the other SLC riding schools, but it's likely there won't be much difference at the beginner level.

I know that there are several off mountain rental outfits in SLC that have "packaged" rental and lift discounts, but you can get lift discounts all over town (e.g. the grocery store). We do have some SLC locals on Epic that might better clue you on some options for saving $$$. I did a search in the resort forum on "discount" and "canyon" and found a bunch of threads. You could start there.
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I live in slc and take a "tune-up" lesson every season and I have been in SLC for 12 years now, depending on what I want to work on I will either take a group lesson or private if I have the $$$. Solitude is a great mountain to learn at as is Brighton I have taken lessons at both, the costs are much less than PCMR or the Canyons. I did splurge this year and had a private lesson at PCMR. If you would like names of the instructors that I have used and more details on the schools please feel free to ask. I hope this helps, cheers, JK
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