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Mt. Snow 1/3; Bromley 1/4

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Jeff and I decided that we should ski as many Eastern ski resorts as we can before we cut and run. Neither of us have been to Mt. Snow, but skier_j has been to Bromley. Well, that's not true. I stood in the parking lot with skierteach at Mt. Snow one day 3 years ago and couldn't open the car door because the wind was blowing so hard, and we couldn't see the lifts for all the blowing snow, so we bagged it and went exploring in town instead.

We'll be at Mt. Snow, VT Sat 1/3 (tomorrow), and Bromley Sunday. Kee Tov will be joining us on Sunday and we'll have to jet home after the lifts close so he can get home that night at a reasonable time.

I'll be in a robin egg blue coat and black helmet with an Epicski sticker on the back. That's the only way you'll see me: by passing me.

Jeff will have an olive green jacket, black pants, silver helmet and bright green dayglo Krypton boots.

We'll leave around 7:30 each morning and will check PM's before we leave.

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Well, we arrived at Mt Snow to seriously gusty winds, snow making that seemed everywhere and generally unpleasant conditions. Considering we were going to pay full price (75 each) for the days ticket---all that added up to---we passed for the day---we'll try again sometime when the weather cooperates more.

2 for 2 in the wind category!

We took a nice drive up rt 100 to Weston to visit the VT Country Store, then back down to Londenderry---and drove by Bromley---which seemed quite uncrowded and had what was apparently their main lift on wind hold. Drive south on Rt7 was even more gusty. We had lunch at the Blue Benn Diner in Bennington then we were home by 3.

Still on for Bromley tomorrow, wind is supposed to be gone by then.

Bonni was incorrect---I have not been to Bromley to ski either.
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