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The quote of the day!!!

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I ll let people guess who said this

Backcountry skiing in Colorado is extremely hazardous even in the best of times. The snow pack here is totally unstable. They buried three guys in the last ten days on a closed ski area, Berthod pass. If you are on slopes over 25 degrees, you are taking your life in your hands. A beacon won’t help when you can’t breath under six feet of snow.

Beacons help find the dead guy.

n 1996, I saw first hand a tree run with an open glade in it, on the Gade two lift at Snowbird, where we had skied the run before, go down to the ground with VW size blocks piled at the bottom, no more than 100 ft down the slope. We would have been buried and injured. Since then I have been extra careful inbounds also. Places that get three feet of snow in twenty four hours can slide anytime at over 25 degrees pitch, inbounds or out.

If it hasn't been skied or hasn't slid I wouldn't be on it at 40 degrees.

with out naming who this is. you have to admit this guy really knows backcountry skiing? eh?
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he does has some good points about teh coloRADo snowpack.
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Love the Snowbird reference in a post about Colorado snowpack.
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If it hasn't been skied or hasn't slid I wouldn't be on it at 40 degrees.
This is my favorite part. Gotta love this guy's avalanche safety knowledge.

EVERYBODY knows that after one person skis something and it doesn't slide, there's no chance of it ever sliding.
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I hear that if it hasn't been skied you can yodle and that will settle the snow
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