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hey guys

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whats up? check it out i have 44 cm calf 28.5cm heal to toe and foot is like 10.75 cm wide at its widest point .

im 5'11 29 225.( man i was thinner in college )

i have had the hardest time finding boots that felt good . i rocked heads for a long time and now that the heal is gone and they are well beyond used ( ten years old ) i needed new equiptment . when i was like 19 i would go skiing like 50 days a season , but now at 29 with a 2 year old im lucky if i go 5-10 .

i tried like 8 different paris of boots by salomon ,lange , 28.5's 29.0, 29.5. i think my foot has gotten bigger over the years and the heads hurt bad ( like really bad )after 1 run .

after advise from a friend who said his dad had large ripped calfs i tried a pair of technica vento 6 . i ordered them in 29.0 ended up having too much wiggle so i got the 28.5's . there is no way i will fit into a 28.0.

but here is my deal. they still dont feel right. they feel tight at the toes , loose at the heals and tight on the calfs . the toes i could deal with its not that bad and the calfs as well whatever i could lose a couple and that would force me too lol.

but the heal! its loose and i can raise it in the boot . its not a good situation and i dont like it.

any advise???? thanks so much guys and gals.
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find a good bootfitter, and see if the boots are workable for your feet, and if not what do they have that will fit you.

The site has a list of boot fitters in different areas.
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right on thanks i saw a man listed in vt . its southern vt so its like 5 hours from me but whatever i could make the trip.

from the information i provided you think i have a shot of these fitting?
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28 and 28.5 are the same shell size.

A competent fitter can make more room for your calf by altering the liner +/- cuff +/- heel lift (if appropriate).

Footbed? If you don't have one, get one - this will help to control foot spread and toe room.

Some padding (generally on the tongue) will help your heel fit issues.
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