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Is Cranmore Nirvana

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From what I can tell North Conway is right at the base of Cranmore. Anyone know what the town is like? Is there any adult hockey around there? Maybe this is Nirvava?...small town cheek to jowel with a ski area. Still looking...Dwight Johnson
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North Conway is home to endless traffic jams, outlet shopping, and more hotels then you can imagine. It's a zit on an otherwise beautiful area. I dread having to go through there.

There are a number of ski areas right around North Conway -- Attitash / Bear, Wildcat, and Black Mountain are all very close by, with Sunday River being about an hour away as well.
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Key is stay off route 16, do some google or mapquest it is doable. You can get around other ways and avoid the carnage.

Re hockey, Ham arena has open hockey pretty regularly, check out their web site....should have adult leagues I would think...my competive hockey days are ancient history. HS hockey is a pretty big deal up there and UNH Wildcat mania reaches all the way from Durham.....


When it is 100% open I think Cranmore is fun. Good lights for night skiing (King Pine has good night skiing too)

Black is a little jewel when 100% open, but snowmaking is marginal so it usually isn't. Cranmore and Black are $$$ friendly.

Wildcat is fantastic, many like Attitash, I don't but I owe it another try - haven't skied it in a few years.

Red Parka Pub steak is super yum, lotsa other good eats too.

Shopping is everywhere if you are into that sorta thing.

You could find worse places to be a ski bum......you can usually scam up a decent job in season and ski cheap all day.......
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North Conway is a great place in all four seasons, but it is a traffic mess as people have mentioned. I can totally see living there, but the snow is not as good as out West of course. However, as others have mentioned, there are lots of ski areas around there, plus awesome hiking, etc. Not a bad place to settle in, but I'm not sure if you are planning on living there full time, not sure what the job market is like. It is a fairly small mtn as well, not sure if that is a concern.
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Yes, there is traffic but (just to offer a different perspective) that is precisely because there is so much to do in see. In addition to alot of great skiing (I would add Bretton Woods and Loon to the list of nearby mountains as they are within a 1/2 hour) there is year round hiking, great restaurants abound, shopping, etc.

Not sure about the hockey. If you are truly going up that way for skiing alone and are concerned with traffic stay on the I-93 side of the valley and ski at Loon or Bretton Woods and you can avoid the outlet traffic on Route 16.
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nirvana seach

Thanks for all the replies......all are helpful and will save me time when I finally break out and make a recon trip.......Dwight Johnson
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More on the skiing at Cranmore? I've been there in the summer and ran up the trails to the top of the mountain because everyone said it was a "little" ski hill. Didn't seem so little running UP it -- came up a blue trail skier's right -- and the pitch on the rocky black trail I took down the front for my return seemed steep enough for some fun. I thought it looked like a fun place to ski.
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DJ, even though you could catch some initial derision for touristy North Conway, you may be on to something. If you can handle severe winter weather and your spouse likes a little outlet type shopping (and fast food) North Conway could be a good fit. It does have some crass commercial aspects, but much of that quiets down in winter. About 5 miles to the north is the village of Jackson - I would not be alone in calling it a true bit of New England winter paradise. Another 5 miles further north brings you to Wildcat ski area, one of my absolute favorites in the East. It would be a superb alternative treat if you spent most ski days at Cranmore. Unlike some ski regions, North Conway would not be a ghost town in summer/fall. I've actually considered some place closer to nearby Lake Winniepausaukee as a retirement locale.
Some impressions from a visit a few years ago: http://www.dcski.com/articles/view_a...38&mode=search

PS: when I first read your thread title I thought you were suggesting Canmore, near Banff, Canada. Might want to check that out too, big time western Canada ski resort region.
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