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First plug boots

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Hello guys,

I have just purchased my first plug boots - Salomon Falcon S-Lab X3. There's no boot fitter in our country that I know of, but in 3 weeks I'm planning to make a ski trip in Austria and I'm sure I can find someone there.
I spent some time reading the posts here, but I'm still a little confused... What I'd like to ask is this: Am I risking some damage to the boots (or to my legs) without getting them professionally fit? I'd really like to try them this weekend. The fit is very tight, but it's the best I have found in a ski boot to this day - the reason I bought them in the first place. I'm not planning to ski them all day long, just to try them for a couple of hours.
Maybe there are there some settings I can do on my own? I was thinking about setting the flex (two screws on the back) or forward lean (two screws on the sides)?
These are my first "serious" ski boots, so I'd really appreciate some help from someone more experienced.

Thanks a lot!

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Set the cuff alignment (do a search) and go ski. You'll find out if you need further bootfitting after a couple hours .
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Thank you - the cuff alignment was relatively easy to set and helped a lot!
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