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Decent Ski-gear shops in Winter Park?

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Well, just another 4 weeks to wait and we'll be there!

But we get there at 9-10pm (all being well!), and a few of the group want to buy a few things when we get there (gloves, helmets etc), but probably the day after!

Just want to know of any decent shops with a good variety at a decent price. From my experience of the French ski resorts, the shops there can be very expensive whilst it's the shops in the city centres that are more reasonable! (I understand that you can get better advice from the resort-based shops, but sometimes there's little need for advice...).

A couple of us might buy some ski boots too (of that we will need the experts!), but are unsure whether they will be a lot cheaper along the I70 (we're spending our 2nd week at Frisco), so we could rent at WP or just buy them at WP

The thing is, the more time we spend in the shops on our first morning, the less ski-time we'll have

I know it might seem a bit 'picky' wanting to save money here and there, but thanks to a fall in the exchange rate, this holiday is costing more and more each day

....gonna be great though!

Thanks for any help/advice,

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I have been very pleased with "Christy's" in the town of Winter Park. They're rental prices for the GF were very low, clothing prices were very competative. I bought a few things while there. They do have a full shop and a bootfitter that I saw while there. They told me that they have an overnight guarantee on tuning. They took my son's new skis and gave them a wax and set the din for his new boots for $5. They were very fast, helpful and kind. They're open till 9:00 if I remember correctly. Doubt you find anything open any later. They also had a little bit of used stuff for sale.

My buddy has his gear done at the base but gets an employee discount there.
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Sounds pretty good then

I sent them (christys) an email last week just enquiring about something, but no reply as yet, although its been over Christmas/New Yr.

Unless anyone has an email address for the store in WP?
I searched on their website but there just seems to be one email address. Might phone them next week, must remember that you guys are 7 (?) hours behind though!


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Tango - may not be that much help to you, but for clothing etc we found some cheap shops (compared to the UK at least) in Colorado Mills mall in Denver.

They had some boots/skis shops there too.
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Thanks Vicky,

Just had a look at that and not sure if it might be too big for us, ideally just want to nip in and out again.

I've had a look at the site for Maisondeski in Idaho Springs and that might be less hassle for us, will keep looking though and see how tired we are when we land in Denver!


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No probs Joe

We had a day off the slopes and drove to Denver, it's a canny trek mind for one day, probably took 1.5-2hrs, may be a little too far for just skiing equipment, nice city though.

I couldn't visit the USA and not go to the cheesecake factory haha
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Vaugely off topic, Tchibo do great thermals.
You can buy them in Sainsbugs for £12, or at Tchibo stores for £4 (top and leggings)
The sports ones are good. They do winter ones as well but haven't found them in stock in my size.
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Well am thinking we may just sacrifice an hour or 2 on the slopes while we sort gear out

I'll buy some boots in Winter Park, and I also want to buy some intuition liners too.

We've looked online for rentals, and Christys seem to fit the bill. I presume they (or elsewhere in WP) will do the intuition liners

Just another couple weeks and we'll be there

Can't wait!

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We'll probably just go to the first shop we see if they're all about the same!

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