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Elan Wavemaster

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Has anyone had a chance to try this limited edition ski? Supposed to be a more refined Speedwave 12.
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I just got off the hill using the wave master. I have been using the speed wave for 2 seasons now. I wish I brought both pairs to the mt. to make back to back runs on each ski, but I did not. From what I could tell, the wave master felt a 'bit' more stable. Which means you can pretty much go as fast as you want and feel comfortable. I am torn on if I should buy a pair b/c my speed waves are in great shape.
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Update - I just took my speedwaves out and the wavemaster's out on back to back runs.


You are not going to believe this, the two skis are not the same at all.  The wavemaster carves better and is 2x more stable then my speedwaves.  Same turn shape.  My speedwaves were sharper then the wavemaster, but the wavemaster held on ice MUCH better.


As for stability, like said in my last post, you can go as fast as you can and feel comfortable.


My wavemasters will be here Monday.

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Have you spent time on your wavemasters? what do you think?

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It is March now.  I have had the wave masters for about 2 months.  Trying to sell my speed waves....  They are in perfect condition, any buyers? 

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I ski in New England.  I use the wavemasters on groomers, best ski on ice out there.  I am extremely satisfied with them! I have heard this year’s model is different but I find that hard to believe.

I let my friends use my speedwave 14s for a couple of runs.  They think the speedwave 14 is amazing, then I let them try out the wavemasters and their jaw drops.  It is truly hard to believe how much better the wavemasters are until you try the two skis back to back.
How did you 1 month demo of the wavemasters go?
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