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canting banshee pro

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hi was going to set these according to the instruction booklet, loosen canting and lower cuff attachment screw, flex boot 3 to 4 times hold flex have someone tighten. is that correct and will it actually do anything?
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Now that you have the cuff set, go find a good boot fitter to set up your canting.
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That will set the cuff alignment to your leg, boot company's insist on calling it 'Canting'... it isn't. Cuff alignment matters also, go ahead and set it as instructed, if you feel you need true canting, see a fitter and have the soles planed.
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As others have suggested, go see somebody to have your canting measured - video of your skiing is helpful too.

Cuff alignment allows you to stand on a flat ski (cuff adjusted to the same angle as the curvature of your lower leg).

Canting refers to the relationship between center of knee mass and the inside edge (adjusted by bootsole grinding or under-binding shims).
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