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Lake Tahoe area lift passes?

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Hi guys, Myself & my good lady (from England) are in Heavenly for 2 weeks at the end of February. We are looking into the option of pre-purchase lift tickets, cheaper this way, right? Ideally, we would like either 6-8-10 day interchangeable passes (although, the majority of our time will be spent in Heavenly, but would like the flexibility that an area pass offers). Any advice would be very much appreciated!
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You can try snowbomb. They have hotel package deals or just cheaper tickets.
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You may find lift tickets available in multi-day packages or combined with lodging to be less expensive. Right now you can purchase a season pass that has some holiday blackouts, but if those dates are not an issue, it sounds like $379 USD for a season pass could be a good deal for you. At $70/day, that pass pays off in only 6-days. Pick it up when you arrive, and you never have to visit a ticket booth again. This price will expire very soon, so if that is what you want, move quickly.
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If you are staying at the Ridge Tahoe at Heavenly, you can 10% off.
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For Tahoe lift ticket deals I check out the following site:

Have fun at Heavenly!
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Hey I recently learned that if you join Borders Rewards program (that's right, Border the bookstore) you can get significant savings on lifts tickets at over 50 resorts, including most around Tahoe.

I have no affiliation with Borders and there is no cost involved at all. I was really surprised to learn of this since Border's doesn't even charge anything for their rewards program and you never have to buy a book or anything...and the savings on lift tickets are significant.

Good luck.
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incidentally, when I was at Squaw Valley around Christmas I got a two day pass for $130 but I think you would still save more through buying through Borders (as per my previous post).

Have fun!!
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Many thanks guys, We have purchased the Heavenly season pass for now, and will visit the lift ticket windows at the other resorts as required,

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Sutts, I used to do that when going to Winter Park from Ireland. Booked at the right time, a season pass can be just a few dollars more than a 1 week one.
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