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Winter Park Ski School

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Personal Kudos go out to the W.P. ski school in a big way.

Earlier in the year my lady friend and my 4 year old took never ever lessons at "another resort". (not going to list it due to the flaming i'd likely get). I wasn't very pleased with her lesson and was downright displeased with my 4 year old's lesson.

Girlfriend took "control by turning" the other day and I saw a day and night difference in her confidence and technique.

A few days after that trip we went back again, this time with my 4 year old in tow. Against my better judgment I followed "a few epic people's" (again witholding listing) suggestion that I should be teaching him myself. Even given my lack of knowledge on the subject. I read and watched everything I could get my hands on. This led to him wanting to quit and me sore, tired, and frustrated.
The next day I got my son pumped up again and put him in the 4 year old level 2 class. He had an absolute ball (even with a little mishap with him and the fire alarm trigger ). The third day I skiied with him again with some advice from his teacher. I couldn't believe the enormous change he went through. He went form "I want to go home dad" to "green light dad! GREEN LIGHT!" They got him further than my wildest hopes for one day. I couldn't believe it was the same kid!

The change in my GF's skiing also convinced me to take the "perfecting parallel" lesson (thanks to Michael) and had my own ability and confidence level double. Skiied a few runs later that day with a buddy that works at W.P. and his first words were holy sh$t dude you're almost keeping up with me now!

When I go on ski trips I'm pretty financially strapped. Single father with a 4 year old and all, and can't normally afford the extra $$$ for lessons but these were so so worth the money spent!

kudos kudos kudos
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Thanks catdaddy!

It's stories like these that make getting up at 5:30 to go back to the hill for teaching more back to back to back lessons worth it (even though I work elsewhere - I always have hopes for results like yours).
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I love the feedback.

I'll have to printout a copy and post it. We like hearing about guests experiences.

Rusty - you get to sleep in till 5:30???? Heck, I'm on the road by 5:15.
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Ah, the "advantages" of East coast skiing. I'm an hour away from the hill and can sleep in my own bed at night. But that makes for 2 hours of driving on top of an 8-10+ hour work day (we have night skiing). I'm sure others have it worse and I'm not complaining. It's just nice to know that people appreciate the efforts some pros make when most of them don't have to work so hard.
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