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Do you wear a helmet skiing? And if you do, what are your favorites?

Poll Results: Do you wear a helmet skiing?

  • 79% (79)
    Yes, I have no issues with it; everyone really should.
  • 3% (3)
    Yes, but find them cumbersome/uncomfortable; everyone really should.
  • 8% (8)
    Yes, but I tend to be on the cautious side and it's probably not essential gear.
  • 3% (3)
    No, if you are a heads up skier, you shouldn't really need one.
  • 3% (3)
    No, b/c they're just too cumbersome/uncomfortable.
  • 3% (3)
    No, b/c I feel and look a like a tool wearing one.
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Helmets have become standard amongst snowboaders for sure, but what about skiers? Should I make the leap? I've never even tried wearing one skiing, but after having a helmet save my life after getting "doored" while riding my fixed gear bike, I'm considering it. Although truthfully I've never had a spill skiing where I came out thinking "Damn I really should be wearing a helmet."

And if you are a helmet-wearer, what are some good options that are relatively low profile, comfortable, lightweight, unobtrusive, etc., and that you can wear without overheating in western skiing conditions?
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Everyone knows a tuque is the only proper headwear for skiing
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Originally Posted by monologuist View Post
Helmets have become standard amongst snowboaders for sure, but what about skiers?
Interesting idea, I would say helmet-wearing is about even for skiers and snowboarders.
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I wear one when at any "big" mountain or when BC/Heli etc. I tend not to at the smaller northeast areas.

I use the Smith Variant Brim and really like it a lot.
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I have a K2 Ultra thats so light that I really dont even notice it.
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I love mine, even on the coldest days at loveland I have the vents out, but I am a very heavy sweater. I have taken a few bumps that would have really hurt had I not been wearing it. I honestly feel naked without a helmet for most sports I partake in.
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I have several and where one of them just about every time I ski. Most of the days I log at at a small Indiana ski hill and I wear one more out of fear of other skiers who are more often then not skiing way beyond their ability. I can't argue with the warmth factor either. Helmets beat any ski hat I have ever owned.
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Giro fuse here. Light, warm and comfortable.
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I'm on my second helmet because the first self-destructed saving my as_, no joke. Now, Smith Premise, vents on the fly with a handy roller, fitted to my Smith Phenoms, special helmet vents to air out the goggle top vents. forgot my helmet once and had to ski without it, felt exposed.
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I love the fuse. light warm, comfy and lots of vents when you need them (for me that's almost whenever I'm stationary).

Its definitely protected me from glancing blows from trees and the people who like to slam the lift bar down without warning as soon as we get off the ground.
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My fave: Alpina race bucket, very low profile.

You really just need to try a bunch on to see what fits your head best (like boots ).
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Needed one once when I was twelve and a daffy in the trees caused my left ski tail to hit me in the side of the head! I have since stopped the single tracks through the trees. I've also stopped hitting the big jumps and stopped dropping cliffs. I'm not sure if I need a helmet.
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Smith Variant Brim for everyday use. When in the BC I usually don't wear it climbing but always on the descent. When in comps I use the Smith X Troy Lee. I don't really like full-face helmets but on the big mountains it's needed. I wear one everyday for warmth, for safety and because I like my head
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Took about a half day to get used to wearing it. Don't even notice it anymore and it keeps my head warm with only a light hat on.

I wear a Smith Variant Brim. Love it! Also had a Giro Nine and it was good, but not as low profile as the Smith.

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i wear my helmet. my parents make me but i dont have a problem (well i dont like how high it sits on my awkwardly shaped head). I have my music going through it and all. beginners should wear it since they fall a lot, and so should experts. when your hauling ass, you may not fall 99% of the time, but when you do, you going to fall really hard. and in trees or cliffs, you gotta be an idiot not to wear it

the worst is the great park riders who wear hats going off huge jumps. they make it look alright not to wear a helmet so kids go out and hit those jumps, fall, and crack their heads open. the pros should be the role models.

i mean, if i knew i wouldnt get hurt, i would wear a hat, they are just cooler and all, but really, its not worth the risk, your going to fall eventually, your going to fall hard.

get yourself a nice helmet, something comfy. dont risk it
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Another vote for Smith Variant brim. Previous helmet was Giro Fuse, also great. Before that I had a Carrera racing bucket, which probably saved my life, as I only got a concussion after hitting a rock (inbounds on a marked run, so don't assume that if you are not skiing the extreme terrain you are safe).

A well-fitting helmet is comfortable, almost unnoticeable, and offers btter protecion from sun and wind than any hat. I struggle to find a reason not to wear one.
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Also a Smith Variant Brim. Nice brain bucket. I tried a lot of them on and liked this one the best.
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Giro G10 with audio. I wear one because it keeps my head warm and doesn't make my ears sore after wearing it. I don't know how much protection it would actually be in a hard crash with a tree or rock, but better than nothing.
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in trees or obv. when racing I wear one, but just skiing good ole eastern groomed ice I've never really seen the need

I've only been glad I had a helmet once, when I mildly concussed myself because of horrible technique and too loose boots.
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Having a helmet on to me is just like hanging out with an old friend. I'm just used to it. Whenever I don't have one one when I am skiing, something just doesn't feel right.

I have three helmets: Scott WC and Scott SL for racing and a Boeri Tactic for free skiing.

I haven't been paying too much to what's out in helmets, but the Giro G10 is a sharp looking low profile helmet. If Boeri is still making the Tactic, give it a look.

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Just nabbed a Giro G10 from Tramdock. I was also looking at the Smith Variant and the POC Receptor or Synapsis, but everything other than the Giro gave me immediate pressure points.
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yes. a 4 year old Giro Nine.9. very light and warm.
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Smith Variant Brim sure is popular isn't it. A lot of posters here, I see a lot of them on the hill. I have one too.
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Rossignol Toxic. Its warm, comfortable and has taken a quite a few knocks that would have hurt my head. I have a great big funny shaped noggin, so I bought the first helmet I found that actually fit.

Giros do seem to fit too, in XL or was it XXL? - I fancy a G10, wired for sound, but probably not until the Toxic expires.
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Giro Fuse.
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Pro tech here
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Scott Shadow
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Of course it's a flawed poll. My Carerra something or another is on it's last few days before I switch to a Smith Variant Brim.

I wear it and like it because it's comfortable, warm, houses a set of stereo speakers, provides a location for a bunch of stickers and it protects my melon to a certain extent. Whether or not anyone else uses one is strictly their own choice.
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Flawed. No I don't wear one, but not for any of the reasons you state. I just won't spend money on something I don't need. Since I've skied for many decades without one, I obviously don't need it. I NEED lift tickets.
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It depends on which coast / quiver I'm dealing with.
Giro Omen, G10, Leedom Scream, or for spring temps, Giro Fuse.

Of them all, the Omen is by far the best, with the most fitting options, and mutiple, individually adjustable vents. All of them (except the Leedom) have speakers in the earpads for the days on the hill by myself (on the way up only).
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