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Zeal Goggles .... how do they fit?

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I find a lot of spherical goggles to fit poorly on my face as they often are too "contoured" and leave a gap at my nose bridge area....would probably work better with skinnier or more contoured faces (or maybe designed for helmets?)

The only model of goggle that I've been able to get a decent fit with is the Smith Phenom. Smith Prodigy seem too big for my face and all the Oakleys I've tried fit poorly.

Can anyone tell me how the fit is with the Zeal models in terms of curvature/contour, whether they'd fit a flatter face with a nose bridge not particularly protrusive? I think the Detonator and the Link models being geared towards "small-medium" faces would be my only options?
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had Detonators, they pinched my nose to make me sound more nasally than I usually do.
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I found the detenators to be a bit large, both in width and depth. I just received a pair of links which are less wide. Both appear to be much deeper then a standard goggle but I have yet to ski them. I hoping the lens quality and photochromatics makes up for the bulk

Futher updates next week, i hope this helps somewhat.

PS a friend is trying the haber visions this week and has very positive things to say thus far, particularly on the value side
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I have the Zeal Link as well. I have a small head, 6 7/8 hat size. My face is probably more contoured than flat I guess. I don't have any issues as far as comfort with the goggles goes. No pinching, no pressure points but I attribute that to a small helmet and the decent length of goggle elastic that comes on the link. I wear a small size Giro G10 and even then I'm clicking the fit dial at the back in a few notches. The helmet and goggle fit together pretty well, no gaps.
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I have the Zeal Rapt OTG. They do press on my nose a little bit but thats mostly do to the shape of my nose.

They also feel a little looser than my Oakley Crowbars but I believe that is due to how they fit over my helmet (Giro G9). It might just be that I got used to the Oakley's being tight.

I've only been able to wear them once because all the other times conditions warranted a different lens.

I was happy with them. They didn't fog and were comfortable.
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if anyone is famliar with the Smith Phenom, how are the fits of the Link and Detonator compared to the Phenoms? And if the Zeal goggles really are a bit deeper/more bulbous than others, how do they compare in this respect to Oakley goggles? I find Oakleys to be very deep...almost old school scuba mask-like.

My main issue is that I have high cheekbones, a relatively flat and wide face and nose with a bridge that is not too tall...so many goggles leave a gap in the nose bridge as if they were designed for people with more protrusive noses and/or thinner/pointier faces.

An Asian-Fit Oakley may do the trick, but the are pricey and I find Oakleys to be too bulky and bubble-like....Sounds like the Zeals may be comparable to Oakley (non Asian-fit)

Of course, I am considering making the leap to helmets, so maybe I should settle on a helmet first...I imagine that would complicate things even more
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Helmet first. The googles will fit different after you add the helmet.
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