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Automatic "Pay per race"

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Those public race courses that you feed in quarters and your time is displayed at the bottom. What mountains provide the service? Can someone help me find the manufacturer or tell me how to fabricate one. 12 brushes on a 12 degree slope. Our NASTAR program is under review, we are looking at alternatives. PT
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I'm a big fan of ALGE equipment (as opposed to TAG Heuer), and Phoenix Sports Technology has always been really good to me.

You might look into the ALGE SF2 COIN TIMER http://www.phoenix-sports.com/alge_sf2.htm for your needs. Fred also has the SF3 under test now http://timingguys.com/eve/forums/a/t...1/m/2911043082

PST has a good forum that can get you a variety of answers from many of the top timing pros in North America. Worth a look.
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Coin op locations

Squaw Valley has a coin operated race course. I don't know of many other mountains that do.
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