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bump skiing for MA - Page 2

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Way to get after it carver! Looking forward to seeing the next video.
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update 4

Thanks Lars for the advise. My legs are too wide even in my new update. I did try to narrow my stance. I don't know what kept my feet from staying narrow. Otherwise I feel better control and no rush. No skidding was used to kill speed in the run. I guess speed was scrub off like brushed carve.
Thanks in advance for any advise.

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To keep your feet narrow, you need to be able to do narrow stance turns on a groomer. 


When you do use LOTS of extension and LOTS of flexion.


The easiest way to learn to do bumps is as Bushwhacker says -- turn your feet.


forget pivot slips for now


Just turn your feet from one side to the other as fast as you can.

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Thanks for advise. I will see how to move from pivot slip to feet turning short turns and hopefully try to apply what I get to mogul skiing.

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