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What's More Important?

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What's more important to a beginner, proper fitting equipment or a great first Instructor?
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Wow--they're both important, Lars. But if I had to pick one, it's the instructor. Without experience as a reference, most first-time beginners won't know if their equipment fits "right" (and at least as important, is set up right, and appropriate to begin with) or not. A good instructor is the guide to getting it right!

That's my final answer.

(But if you want me to argue the other side, just ask!)

Happy New Year, Lars.
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I;'m gonna go with Instructor on this one Lars. If nothing else, the good instructor will notice the ill-fitting equipment and be able to advise the student on how to get good equipment (or what good equipment is). Also, I may be mistaken here, but if the student has a good first lesson, they may be more likely to come back for more and that sure is a good thing. I hate to see a student stop taking lessons as soon as they can "get down" the trail. It's nice for them to know what good skiing is and where they are going and gave a plan to get there. A good pro should be able to give them a plan.
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I will take the other side just for kicks and say it depends on the student and the students age. Lars didn't really give us a choice of the instructor being able to correct the problem now did he?

If you have a young athletic student with good fitting equipment they will eat up the slopes with a poor instructor. On the other hand the same student might get frustrated with a good intructor and crumby equipment.

If I am given the choice of the instructor being able to do something I will go with the good instructor every time.
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The instructor first because a good instructor will take care of the rest.------Wigs
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