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dogs in the BC

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Will all dogs naturally run behind you when you ski/snowboard. My girlfriend and I have a very high energy lab/pointer mix that loves the snow, which we take snowshoeing a lot. When we snow shoe, she has no interest (the dog not my gf) in stying in our tracks. She just runs ahead and all over the place. Is she not smart enough to stay in the tracks or just has soooo much energy she doesn't need to. I think it would be great to bring her skiing some time I just don't want to wear her out half way down the run.
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There is a great thread in the Backcountry area that you'll enjoy

I'll leave this thread here for now, but will move it to the Backcountry forum area where you may get better replies, after you see who looks here.

Good Luck, dogs and backcountry definitely go well together.
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Dogs and the BC can go well together but you have to be careful as to the terrain you enter. The link has some great info. I have seen dogs getting cut by ski edges and, unfortunately, I know of a dog that triggered an avalanche.

My suggestion would be to be extremely safe when brining your dog into the BC. As much as we love our dogs we can't completely be sure they won't get into a bad situation. I love bringing my dog into the BC but I don't take him into areas that are at all risky. Usually a gentle climb and descent for the exercise
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