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Canting Impact 10s

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Hi there all

i have a pair of impact 10s, they have replaceable heel and toe soles and not the full plastic base, so my question is how do i cant these boots since you cant plane the bases due to how close the screws are to the surface. Any help would be greatly appreciated, if it makes any difference my canting angles are 2 degrees on both legs this has been confirmed by a bootfitter.

thank you very much for all your help
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A Salomon Impact 10 can be canted 2 degrees and built back up with a 3mm or 4mm lifter without any difficulty.

I change the screws from the stock panhead to a flat head screw and do not have any problem.

We do not plane boots to customers specs by mail unless we have confirmed the angles ourselves. There must be plenty of others who are willing to provide this service.

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Where are you located? We could steer you into a bootfitter that can confirm your canting needs and finish off the process by either planing the angle into the sole or use pre canted lift plates to acheive the desired angles.

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thank you for all the information, it was more me then the bootfitter who was concerned about planning into the soles of the boots. Due to the material and the screw placement it didnt seem like it would be a logical thing to do. Also its possible to screw in lifter plates and not affect the boot? even with all the grooves that are in the soles?
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