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K2 Apache Radius X

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I just bought these at Sports Authority Sale. Sales rep recommended them over any other model. Later tried to google some info without any luck. Does somebody know something about this model?

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Alex, welcome to Epic. I know that K2 will make or in my opinion, just rename some of their skis specifically for the big box stores like SA. If you post the dimensions of the ski or go to the K2 web site and match up the dimensions from your ski, I'm sure you will find info your looking for. Hope this helps.
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New skiers will admire the performance and value that the Stinger delivers. This ski comes complete with MOD Technology, Torsion Box construction and K2/M2 10.0 Binding System which keep it stable under foot and easy to turn; these qualities help build confident skiers. The Stinger comes from the same chassis as the Force with a traditional camber.
Performance: Ungroomed 20% Groomed 80%
Sizes: 149, 156, 163, 170, 177
Radius: 14m@170
Construction: Torsion Box Cap
Core: Composite
Binding Options: K2/M2 10.0

MOD Technology
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