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Coaching Gloves

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I'm tired of paying $100 for nice leather gloves that are riuned in a month becaues of carrying gates, drilling and screwing in gates. What do you find are the best gloves or mitts for coaching?
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$100 gloves and lots of duct tape, or insulated pig skin work gloves that aren't longe enough and let in snow at the wrists. I've had the same complaint.
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For patrolling - Same issues, carrying boo, toad stabbers and dragging sleds. Can fry a pair of gloves in a weekend. I've used a $12 pair of quallofill lined leather work gloves with thin wool liners. It's been a surprisingly good setup. The wool liners are $4 specials from the running store, they do a decent job of keeping the snow out of the cuffs. I got about 50 days out my last pair.


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I found an old pair of "rope tow protectors" buried in the garage, and they worked great! They basically went over your glove, covering the palm and part of the fingers.
Since they wore out, I haven't been able to find any.
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Let's try this... Rope tow protectors..


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Sad news.....

The accident involving a coach this week in a fall from a chairlift.... seems to be caused by the pile of poles he was lugging. This was on the Ski Racing Magazine site.<FONT size="1">

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You might want to check out They are a Swedish company that makes some extremely durable and highly regarded gloves.
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Blackhawk Ski Club gets the rope protectors somewhere. We use them for SL training next to the 60 meter jump hill(2 min turnaround, great transition to steep). I'll try to find out the source.
Ruesch Gor-tex are very warm and reasonably durable. Price has been under $50 on pro form.<FONT size="1">

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