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Volkl P50 F1

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Mine are nice!! They too were new and cheap! ALL they need is a base grind,the edges re-ground and I can try them again. They were 100% unskiable in the condition I got them in. New. I am oh so excited about trying them again.
Good thing I buy/sell skis and have lots to play around with.
I was actually laughing..shaking my head..as to why I even bought these things.in the first place..

As I unloaded them and took them into the shop.

They were against my Head WC's in the car.

I sure hope the Head WC's didn't get any Kooties
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Looking forward to your review (Mine are still waiting for a good deal on bindings).
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Originally Posted by Arnoldtheskier View Post
I sure hope the Head WC's didn't get any Kooties
Isn't that a bit like Hugh Grant picking up Divine Brown with Elizabeth Hurley in the car?
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Volkl P50 F1 183cm

It looks like my racing days are over.

I have an almost new pair of Volkl P50 F1's for
sale, 183cm, if anyone is interested. $125.
Located Reno/Tahoe

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