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Surface lift for Boarders

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What are the best surface lifts for boarders to use? Anyone seen anything other than a rope tow? All the hills around here have chairs, but I was talking to a guy who runs a local hill (small one) and he is wondering if it would make sense to install a lift just for the terrain park.

Haven't been to many terrain parks myself, so haven't seen anything to help this guy out with.
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I'd think a j/t bar or a magic carpet would be easy enough for a snowboarder to use. Cost is probably the biggest factor though, people would rather ride a less than ideal lift to get to the top of the terrain park instead of wasting time going all the way down to a chairlift.
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Lots of parks/pipes have handle tows, tbars or pomas, although they are more common for pipes in my experience.
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I would think a poma would be better than a T/J bar. Chairlift better then any of them. The T bar at the top of Breck kills my thighs.

Then again.. Hard core park riders probably wouldn't care as long as they don't have to walk it.
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Boarders used to fall constantly at the T bars in Austria. Maybe things have changed in the past 10 years, though...
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I saw lots of boarders on the Breck and Crested Butte T-bars, and most of them were doing fine.

Is a handle tow one of those rope things with plastic handles attached every few yards? They are much easier to use than plain-vanilla ropes. They are probably the cheapest alternative, and for short rides the added exertion of holding on may be less hassle than getting setup for a J or T bar.
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Is a handle tow one of those rope things with plastic handles attached every few yards?
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I've been on the glacier at BlackComb in the summer and it had only t-bars at that time (it has been about 10 years ago but I assume it is still the same). Wasn't hard to do, and I actually thought it was more fun then a lift. Had one nasty looking bruise on my thigh the next day
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Just wondering if park riders would prefer to have a dedicated surface lift just for the park. My buddy has a relatively small ski hill, but all of the park riders seem to just straight line it from the top of the chair down to the park. Maybe he could attract more park riders if he had a dedicated surface lift. Hey, when you have a hill with a vertical of 400 feet, any way to get more people to the ticket booth is a help. The park itself is pretty small, only a few hundred yards, so a surface lift shouldn't be too expensive to buy used.
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