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Three days skiing

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I live in North Carolina and have just started skiing again after an 8 year break. Skiing these hills with no problem and skiing everything.

I used to take two trips a year "out west" which could be CO, UT, WY.

I am looking to get in a lot of skiing, work on technique and spend more time on the slope than I do in a chair lift like I do here.

Nightlife not important, however, I probably will be taking a "date". Doubt we will ski together so something for her to do would be nice.

I am looking for value. I don't mind paying for a nicer lodging place but need to get my moneys worth.

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For her....Lake Tahoe.

For you....Lake Tahoe.

Have a great time.
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LOL That would be a traveling companion not a date.
My wife is saying what a jerk ,just like the first time I took her skiing hahaha.
I spent maybe 1/2 hr with her pawned her off on some friends of mine that worked at the resort ( I worked there also ). Well what can I say we have been together for 27 years now, She got her LVL 1 CSIA certification 2 years after her first time on the hill and kept going from there.
Anyway my point is if you don't plan on marrying the girl you better spend some time with her on the hill.
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LOL, thanks for the warning...no plans of another marriage. I guess I will have to spend SOME time with her on the slopes.

My favorite bumper sticker/tee shirt has always been...

Just because I will sleep with you does not mean I will ski with you...

Rude...but funny....
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